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Stylish Ramadan Table Decor Ideas

If you’re cooking an elaborate feast (Noor Murad’s celebration rice for iftar, perhaps?), there’s one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked: the décor. Set with sumptuous linens, elegant ceramics and decorative pieces, your table can form the centrepiece of your gathering, setting the tone for the occasion. Here, we share three ideas to suit different styles of dining and speak to seasoned hosts on how best to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Best For: Family-Style Dining

Opting for a mezze-style meal makes the atmosphere feel more convivial, with everyone reaching in, leaning across and passing dishes round. Keep it chic and sophisticated with a constellation of dishes in a variety of shapes, patterns and finishes. Start by setting a colour palette – we’ve opted for white, brown, blue, turquoise and gold – then mix and match tableware for a look that’s far from run-of-the-mill. 

Razan Al Azzouni
Saudi Arabian designer Razan Alazzouni runs her eponymous womenswear brand with her two sisters. Growing up in a hosting household, she developed a taste for entertaining.


“My trick for hosting during the festive season is to always serve bite-sized food. That way, you avoid the formality of a seated dinner and people tend to relax and stay longer munching on the mini bites.”

Best For: Sweet Teas

Fact: tea simply tastes finer poured from a Prada Home teapot. Treat guests to a lavish English afternoon-tea-inspired display with artfully arranged desserts and confectionery. Add height with a tiered cake stand – we love L’Objet’s High Riser, created in collaboration with designer Kelly Behun – and reference the season with a statement colour; spring-sky blue, for instance.  


Sharing Feasts

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Dana Malhas
Dana Malhas is a fashion entrepreneur focused on fashion styling, creating content and hosting events.


“I love hosting family and friends all year long, but mostly during Ramadan. It is a very special time for our family, when everything slows down and gets more intimate. We create a calm atmosphere at home with lights, moons, stars, and lots of white and gold. The mood in general is happy, easy and always very grateful.”


Best For: Formal Dining

Dressing your table with a tablecloth instantly makes it feel special – and paler linen designs have a natural look to them that’s suited for spring and summer. We’ve layered ours with a table runner on which we’ve placed candlesticks, vases and dishes in contrasting textures (think: Murano glass, marble and crystal). Metallic placemats and leather chargers add further interest, while simple trimmed white plates keep the table feeling fresh and uncluttered.  

Alamira Noor Bani Hashim
The design half of a partner duo, Alamira Noor Bani Hashim co-founded The Dinner Club by No.57, an underground supper club held in unexpected locations, and No.FiftySeven Boutique Cafe.


“Ramadan is a beautiful time to slow down and appreciate the beauty in the simple things. My dinner table is always pared down, with special serveware. I like to keep things in a fairly neutral colour palette, so they never go out of style. The most important part of the setting is the people surrounding the table and the love that the food is prepared with!”


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