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From the perfect gift to afternoon tea, discover Mother’s Day at Harrods – Find Out More

The new Harrods app is here – Find Out More

From the perfect gift to afternoon tea, discover Mother’s Day at Harrods – Find Out More

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Gifts for Children Who Have Everything

Words by Ines Kennasmaki

Playtime is serious business for little ones, and even the coolest toys and gadgets (in our grown-up eyes, of course) can pale in comparison to the fantastical characters they’re expecting to unwrap or, worse, already own. To help you decipher their wish lists for every occasion – and answer the age-old question of ‘what do you buy children who have everything?’ – we’ve selected the best toys for newborns, toddlers, pre-teens and every age group in between.

1. What classic gifts can you give kids that never fail to impress?

Every year, toy makers around the world bring new tech to the fore – ingenious devices and science toys that feel like a far cry from the wooden tea sets, doll houses and matchbox cars of yore. While such cutting-edge gadgets are bound to catch their attention, they have yet to rival the gentle, lulling hug of a classic teddy bear, koala or rabbit. Luckily, Steiff, Moulin Roty and Jellycat boast a zoo of lovable soft toys they can squish to their heart’s delight.

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Steiff teddy bear

2. Are there toys suitable for a 6-month-old tot?

At 3-months-old, curious little hands start to explore the world around them, grabbing and holding every tiny object at arm’s reach; by the 6-month mark, playtime is officially in session. Crafted from soft, anti-allergenic foam, MeowBaby’s bestselling ball pits offer a safe and fun way to get their motor skills running. Parents and guardians will also appreciate how easy it is to clean their covers – simply pop them in the washing machine on laundry day.

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MeowBaby ballpit

3. Is there anything better than a puppet show?

Storytime just got better with Trixie’s Mr. Lion. This friendly puppet is getting ready to throw a bash of a lifetime at his castle, but will everything go according to plan? That’s up to them to decide, using their imagination to take this party-loving king on the wildest of adventures. Part of a range of toys for 18-month-olds and up, it’s bound to get any baby talking for the first time.

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Trixie puppet show

4. What are the best outdoor toys for 2-year-olds and up?

The terrible twos – something that strikes fear in any parent’s heart. They needn’t be so terrible, however, thanks to the magic of outdoor toys: think sandpits that bring the beach to your doorstep; wooden playboats for budding sea captains craving new shores; inflatable pools that keep little ones from two to five years old happy and cool for hours on end; and play houses and tents that invite adventure into the comfort of their bedrooms, courtesy of Kids Concept.

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Pink play tent

5. What would be a good gift for a creative little boy?

It’s not always easy putting thoughts onto paper as an adult, so it can be especially hard for an imaginative little one still learning his ABCs – but who needs words when you have the magic of creation at your disposal? Tree houses, helicopters, spaceships, dragons, magical castles and haunted mansions: there are no limits to what budding engineers can bring to life using their Playmobil and LEGO sets.

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6. What would be a good gift for a storytime-obsessed little girl?

To the little bibliophile with a big imagination, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a riveting tale, and few boast a richer repertoire of audiobooks than Tonies. Equipped with their very own Toniebox, voracious readers can revisit their favourite bedtime stories on the way to school – or, better yet, on particularly long car rides where entertainment is scarce and time is abundant. The cherry on top? The small friends that help them press play and control sound levels.

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Tonies Toniebox

7. How to amaze the young Barbie fan?

You might be too late to be the hero who gets them their very first Barbie and Ken, but what about the couple’s incredible Dreamhouse? This three-storey mansion comes with its own pool, disco club and pet play area – it’s real estate heaven for their favourite dolls. Whether they’re turning 3 or the big 9, this expansive set will be the highlight of their birthday extravaganza.

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Barbie Dreamhouse

8. What to get the Harry Potter-obsessed 7-year-old?

Quidditch isn’t the only game that brings Slytherins, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – there’s also Wizard’s Chess. Fans of the magical series will, of course, remember this riveting scene at the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: in a bold move, Ron Weasley masterfully wins a deadly match by sacrificing his Black Knight to the White Queen. Featuring miniature (and far less dangerous) renditions of the film’s giant chess pieces, this set is bound to get their hearts racing and brilliant minds working.

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Harry Potter Chess Set

9. How to compete with even the best fidget toys?

Nowadays, no 10-year-old’s toy box is complete without a rainbow-hued push popper. Bright, squishy and endlessly entertaining, these stress-relieving wonders are everywhere – which means they probably already own more than a few. To ensure your gift isn’t left behind, Sunnylife Kids has created a mini four-in-a-row set they can take with them everywhere they go. The traditional two-player game is perfect for competitive siblings who never back down from a challenge.

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Sunnylife Kids 4 in-a-row game

10. What is the best gift for a children’s birthday party?

That first hour at a birthday party can be especially awkward for shy toddlers who may need more time to warm up to other kids. To help them break the ice, why not introduce the idea of role-playing? With this Le Toy Van set, for example, the group can (pretend to) open their own grocery shop using the handheld scanner and an array of wooden groceries. The only question is: cashier or customer?

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Little Dutch workbench
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