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Klarna is now available – Find Out More

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10 of the Best: Happy Masks

Nothing boosts the skinthusiast’s mood like a face mask. That unbeatable feeling of clearing your diary, kicking back and relaxing while some exquisite lotions and potions get to work on your complexion – it’s skincare nirvana. Mix in some aromatherapeutic scents and a fewfacialist-approved uplifting massage techniques, and you’ve got yourself a seriously upbeat skincare regime. Read on to discover ten dopamine-spiking masks for those who love to find joy in a skincare jar.

The Original Happy Mask

This bestselling Valmont mask – the prime renewing pack – was famously dubbed the ultimate ‘happy mask’ by a Chinese beauty blogger and the term has stuck thanks to its instantly gratifying glow-giving results. Either use daily for three to five minutes or as a weekly treatment for up to 20 minutes.
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Valmont Prime Renewing Pack

The Multitasking One

Nothing makes us happier than great time management. In just seven minutes, while you can be busying away prepping dinner/putting the kettle on/finishing off some work, these EviDenS de Beauté sheet masks have topped up skin’s moisture levels and given your face a lifting ‘wake-up’ collagen boost.
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EVIDENS DE BEAUTÉ  7 minutes Moisture Lift Sheet Mask

The Snap-Happy Mask

“RéVive's Masque de Radiance is a great insta-moment mask,” explains skincare buyer Imogen Porter. “It transforms from a cream colour to a soft gold as you apply it. I’d definitely rate it ‘most fun to use’.” Pair it with RéVive's eye mask for 360 degree pampering.
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RÉVIVE  Masque de Radiance Brightening Moisture Mask

The Laugh a Minute

Try to keep a straight face while applying this glorious, bubbling sheet mask from Rodial – best applied with a friend so you can giggle at each other in tandem. Jokes aside, it's brilliant for purifying clogged-up pores and detoxifying city skin.
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RODIAL  Snake Bubble Sheet Mask Set

The Dreamy Mask

Sisley’s overnight velvet sleeping mask is beauty editorial director Katie Service’s favourite. “There’s something extremely satisfying about a mask that works so hard on transforming your skin while you snooze. The results when you wake are incredible – super-soft skin and redness vanished,” she says.
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SISLEY  Velvet Sleeping Mask

The Feel-Good Lift

The Wishful chin lift sheet mask by Huda Beauty will add serious physical uplift to your jawline, helping to firm droopy skin around the jowls and chin while softening the marionette lines – the ones that can often make us look cross or upset. Turn that frown upside down, indeed.
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The Eye Sparkler

The cheeriest eye mask we stock on our shelves – this Petite Amie brightening mask sits across your eyes and is imbued with lavender and rose to balance uneven tone and pigmentation. The outside, meanwhile, is printed with a cute pair of heart-shaped sunnies.
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PETITE AMIE  Miint Brightening Eye Mask Lolita

The Caffeine Kick

What’s not to like about this cup of skincare goodness? Containing its own boost of caffeine, which has a calming effect on puffy skin, the black tea extract in Fresh’s perfecting mask is a natural source of amino acid L-theanin – great for strengthening the surface of the skin.
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FRESH  Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

The Fixer Upper

Breakouts are a fast-track route to a bad mood but this sebum-absorbing clarifying mask from Dr Barbara Sturm contains ingredients such as zinc and balloon vine that manage, reduce and even prevent further blemishes and hormonal breakouts.
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DR. BARBARA STURM  Clarifying Mask

The Natural Boost

Tata Harper’s masks are 100% natural and non-toxic and the hydrating floral mask, which contains 39 botanical ingredients, 13 flower extracts and high dose of hyaluronic acid, does wonders for extremely dry, stressed-out skin.
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TATA HARPER  Hydrating Floral Mask
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