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Achieving Luminous Skin With Sensai

Words by Nasreen Osman

Curating a  skincare routine around maintaining youthful-looking skin is a pursuit of many beauty aficionados. Perhaps you introduce retinol into your night-time ritual or maybe you decide to focus on evening skin tone and texture with niacinamide. Even with these tried-and-true additions, putting together a routine that takes a long-term approach to firm, healthy and radiant skin can pose quite the challenge. The brand at the forefront of these endeavours? None other than Japanese brand, Sensai. Since its inception in 1983, Sensai has set itself apart with innovative technology and sensorial textures (seen in the launch of La Crème and the luxury Premier line). Fast forward to the present day, Sensai has brought back the Ultimate collection  –  this time with a major facelift.

The revamped line marks the pinnacle of 34 years of research into the generation of hyaluronic acid and DNA repair activity – both key factors in maintaining plump, bright skin. A strong proponent of improving skin from a cellular level, Sensai’s ‘ethereal beauty’ ethos translates into diligent formulas that penetrate the deepest layers of skin. So, prepare to put aside your current youth-enhancing line-up and take up the Ultimate collection to achieve soft, silky and plump skin.

Two Sensai Science Treasures

At the heart of each Ultimate product is two key ingredients that harken back to Sensai’s early days as a producer of silk thread and fabric, as well as celebrate the brand’s Japanese roots.

  • Koishimaru Silk Infinite

    Born from liquified silk, Sensai's signature ingredient deeply moisturises skin and is bolstered by plant-based extracts such as Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract to leave skin silky-soft.

  • Sakura Eternal Complex

    This potent complex mirrors the pink flower’s delicate yet strong qualities as it helps to renew and maintain the integrity of skin for a plump and youthful appearance.

  • Texture 1
  • Texture 3

Two Ways to Reveal Silk-Like Skin

You’ve heard of double cleansing, but what about double moisturising? This is Sensai’s ultimate secret to achieving luminous, youthful skin. By layering two kinds of moisturising textures, this method is designed to provide skin with ideal levels of both water and oil, a non-negotiable for healthy, hydrated skin. It goes something like this: follow your usual double cleansing routine by working in the luxurious Ultimate The Cleansing Oil into your palms, massaging every spec of make-up and sunscreen away. Then complete the double cleanse with the delicate Ultimate The Creamy Soap and work into a buttery lather to remove impurities and unveil a natural radiance. Now the double moisturising routine begins.

Sensai Routine
Routine 1
Featherlight Textures


Opting for light formulas need not come at the expense of deep nourishment – the Ultimate The Lotion I and The Emulsion is proof of that. Start with The Lotion I, a sublimely soft and watery lotion that has been micro-emulsified to create a highly absorbent texture. Apply all over until skin is swathed in moisture and nourishing oils; and once your complexion has come to life with radiance, you’re ready to apply The Emulsion. This potent milk brings together the richness of an oil with the airy quality of an essence. Covering skin like a veil of silk, you’ll be immediately taken with how luminous your skin looks and how supple it feels. Thanks to both products infusing Koishimaru Silk Infinite and the Sakura Eternal Complex, you can expect the firming and skin-refining effects to last beyond the first application.


Routine 2
Routine 2
An Indulgent Touch


If you like your textures a touch richer, then pair the Ultimate Lotion II with The Cream. Boasting the same replenishing benefits as Lotion I, The Lotion II takes on a slightly thicker consistency. As per Sensai’s ‘Saho Ritual’, massage and press the emulsified formula into skin to not only allow for better absorption, but to allow yourself a moment to slow down, take in the fresh peach and elegant Iris Pallida notes, and cultivate a sense of mindfulness. Once your skin is prepped and primed, follow with The Cream. This decadent formula is brimming with nourishing oils and strikes just the right balance between a full-bodied texture and silky, lightweight finish (assuaging worries of a greasy feel). Prepare to fall in love with its velvet touch that bestows a natural glow.


Now that you’ve unlocked the secret to firm, luminous skin, what are you waiting for?

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