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SALE: Enjoy up to 50% off selected purchases in-store and online – Shop Now

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How to Hot-Desk at Home in Style


Home is where the heart is. It’s also where most of us find ourselves currently working. Toy-strewn sofas, busy kitchens, all-too-comfortable beds… are you ready for a more productive set-up? Harrods Interior Design’s Letitia Fitzgibbon shares her top tips for a truly workable home office.

Desk and chair
Desktop Goals

“For many, the biggest challenge will be creating a productive space that’s conducive to clear and alert thinking – unfortunately, that rules out your bed. To really boss it working from home, start with a seriously good-looking desk, like this Walnut Saffo beauty by Porada. Not only will it entice you to get out of bed and open your laptop, it also comes with beautifully crafted drawers and niches, and is a way to hide messy cables – clear desk space, clear mind.”

Scents of Purpose

“Home fragrances are a great way to separate rooms or areas for different purposes. For your office, choose a meditative scent that is freshly invigorating, but also grounding. My favourite is Culti Milano’s Tessuto diffuser. Evoking cool linen and rustling silk, it’s a blend of cassis leaves, cotton flowers, jasmine and white musk. Clean, comforting and perfect for keeping you focused and mentally agile.”

Light It Up

“Besides illuminating your space, the right light will help you stay awake and alert. Soft, slightly warmer options that replicate natural daylight are best, while fun, brightly coloured lamps add character and exude energy. So pick your best lumière and lay claim to your workspace.”

Desk Lamp

Pen Pals

“One of the challenges with working from home is the lack of structure that an office and colleagues can provide. To combat this and maintain productivity levels, keep a to-do list by your side and spend either the first or last hour of the day deciding what your priorities are – and make sure you have the stationery fit for purpose: the prettier the better! To hone your ideas and produce your best work, you’ll need a beautiful notebook and a statement pen, like Montblanc’s Meisterstück Classique ballpoint pen in deep-black resin, detailed with platinum plating.”

Clear the Air

“Natural light and fresh air are conducive to productivity. If those are in limited supply right now, the next best thing is to keep an eye on the air quality in your working space. There is so much science now around indoor air pollutants. So stave off headaches, fatigue and allergies with an air purifier.”

Air Purifier
Pens, earrings and books on a table


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