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Klarna is now available – Find Out More

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How to Customise Your Make-Up

Words by Shannan Sterne

Ready-to-wear make-up has entered the (Harrods) building. Consider the lines between jewellery and beauty officially blurred as Carolina Herrera encourages you to express your individuality through its cruelty-free lipsticks and refillable powder compacts, designed to be worn as charms on your favourite accessories.

Each vintage-inspired accessory emanates the brand’s renowned Uptown refinement and is designed to catch compliments aplenty. Here’s how to create bespoke make-up from start to finish. 

For Your Lips

Sheer, satin, or matte? Carolina Herrera’s pigment-packed, refillable lip colours come in a variety of finishes. And by switching between caps, inspired by a rifle from the brand’s archives and photographs from the ‘70s, you can coordinate your lipstick to your look.

Step One: Choose Your Shade

Step Two: Choose Your Cap

  • Printed Caps

    There are a plethora of printed caps to switch between depending on your mood. Plus, they're super easy to pop on top of your lipstick case.

    Shop Printed Caps
  • Animal Caps

    Whether you opt for a cute turtle or statement-making scarab beetle, show your love of nature’s finest through your make-up.

    Shop Animal Caps
  • Mini Tint Base

    It’s all about that base – possibilities are endless with the selection of bright and beautiful Mini Tint bases, made to slot under the foundation of your lipstick.

    Shop Bases
Step Three: Make It Yours

Lipstick and accessories at the ready! It’s time to show the world who you are through your lip look. Our recommendation? Mix and match your caps and bases with clashing colours for a retro vibe.

Shop All Lips

For Your Face

Powdering your nose? Make it an occasion and pop Carolina Herrera’s complexion-perfecting face powders into the brand’s showstopping compact cases. There’s four to pick from, and each case can be topped off with a chunky gold ring to which you can add tassels and letters.

Step One: Choose Your Texture and Shade

Step Two: Add Your Compact Case


Step 3: Choose Your Compact Cover

  • g

    Blue Dots

    Shop Now
  • g

    Green Waves

    Shop Now
  • g

    Red Tartan

    Shop Now
  • g

Finish with a Flourish

You’ve got the kit, now it’s time to express your personality. Take it to the next level and treat yourself to a range of charms, caps and compact covers – you’ll be able to redesign your make-up as and when your mood changes.

Shop AccessoriesShop Carolina Herrera

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