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Dom Pérignon: A Very Special Vintage

A rigorous winter. A dry and late spring. A hot summer. By all accounts, 2010 was a challenging year for Champagne growers. Then, just as some were gaining hope, the heavens opened and two months’ worth of rain fell in 48 hours. Botrytis mold set in on the Pinot Noir plots (a crucial grape to the Champagne process), and winemakers faced an impossible situation: lose the vintage, or harvest grapes that weren’t fully mature. Seeing an opportunity, Dom Pérignon chose the latter – and 10 years later, Vintage 2010 tells their story.

A Race Against The Clock

The unusual weather demanded quick thinking from Dom Pérignon’s vignerons. Accepting that they would lose the majority of their Pinot Noir grapes to botrytis, they traced through the vineyards, delimiting the maturity and health of the parcels to secure a smaller harvest. A harvest that would surpass expectations and pave the way for the elusive Vintage 2010.


The challenge was met and Dom Pérignon declared a vintage quite literally saved from the waters.

Spraying champagne bottle

Grape Minds

The Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 was a bold wager – but one that paid off. Echoing the quality of the Chardonnay grapes, which had benefited from full maturation, the Pinot Noir harvest was the best in 30 years. Expertly assembled, the two varieties create a Champagne that is rich in delicious contrast, and serves as a triumphant monument to the mastery of Dom Pérignon.

Champagne bottle

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