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10 Of The Best Hair Tools

Words by Shannan Sterne

Never underestimate the power of the humble styling tool. You may have spent years clinging on to a lukewarm pair of hair straighteners, or a trusty hairbrush that stays with you through thick and thin, but a new pair of appliances can take your look from DIY to salon-worthy. Trending for Spring/Summer 2022? Tools that have more than one single function –  we're talking hair mist devices that double up as skincare, paddle brushes that are gentle on your scalp and water-resistant detanglers considering all hair textures. Need to fill some gaps in your current tool kit? These are 10 of the best hair tools, including    hair rollers, combs, hair towels, heat protectant sprays and more, that every beauty lover needs this Spring/Summer 2022 according to our beauty editors.

Best Travel-Friendly Straighteners

GHD, Unplugged Cordless Straighteners, £299 

Fun fact: two million GHD stylers are sold every year, so it was only natural that the Yorkshire-founded brand has launched a portable edition. Sleek, black, and equipped with an engraved leather case – you'll be proud to present this exclusive styler when you go through baggage check. In just seconds, it heats up to 185°C and offers 20 minute styling time a pop – it's a holiday essential (and the perfect excuse to book another trip away).


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The Best Hair Gadget

Réduit, One Gold Spa Skincare and Haircare Treatment Device, £279

Hair in need of nourishment? Whether you’re looking to condition curly hair, wavy hair or straight hair, include Réduit’s conditioning capsules as a replenishment for on the go. Perfect for thick hair types, the ultrasonic gadget disperses droplets 50 times smaller than traditional mist applications to maximise penetration of the product to deeply hydrate your strands.  It gets better, One Gold comes with an added boost function so you can amp up the speed and intensity of the misting process to increase the delivery of actives to your hair. Add this moisture maker to your basket, you can also slip skincare capsules into the device and it will evenly apply treatment to target your complexion concerns.


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The Best Hot Brush

Drybar, The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, £125  

Finding a hot brush that heats up quickly, creates ample volume, and is easy to use is no mean feat. So Drybar founder Ali Webb created The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush as an at-home alternative to hitting the salon. It combines the power of a blow-dryer with the structure of a round brush, and the oval shape allows maximum air flow for an effective, quick dry. Deputy beauty editor of Drybar and H beauty, Mollie Hammond says, “I rave about this heated brush to anyone who will listen – it's an absolute game changer. It gives my hair the body and volume of a salon blow-dry from the comfort of home.” No wonder it makes our list of 10 of the best hair tools. 


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The Best Detangler Brush

Tangle Teezer, The Original Detangling Hairbrush, £13 

What did we do before the innovation of the tangle teezer? Loved by A-listers including Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora, this waterproof detangler was created by hair colourist Shaun Pulfrey. He noticed that tangled hair was a huge issue in salons, and was having to use a brush and comb together to de-stress hair. The Original Detangling Hairbrush is a combination of the two. It’s a brush shape with comb-type teeth and is made with memory flex technology so that the teeth move around your hair, not the other way round. Growing your hair long? Ultra-soft bristles will gently tease out knots without damaging the hair, and limit hair loss while brushing.


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Philip Kingsley Hair Brush

The Best Paddle Brush

Philip Kingsley, Vented Paddle Brush, £25  

Next up in our edit of 10 of the best hair tools, the best paddle brush. Poker straight ‘90s hair is back but – thankfully – ironing your hair is not. Designed to smooth hair without causing breakage, this brush has a wide shape to ensure maximum coverage and has vents that evenly disperses heat when you use it with a blowdryer to minimise damage. Plus, round-ended pins prevent scalp irritation as you brush.


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Mermade Waver

The Best Hair Crimper

Mermade Mini Waver, £59 

You’ve seen it all over TikTok, and now it’s made its way to Harrods – this hair crimper is here to make the mermaid waves of your dreams a reality. The ceramic barrels are smaller than those of this tool’s 32-millimetre sister, with a width of just 25-millimetres, but it’s this precise measurement that create the most satisfying beachy ripples. Brush through your finished look to add extra volume or fix your style into place with a statement hair grip.


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The Best Hair straighteners

José Eber, Infrared Wet or Dry Flat Iron, £250 

Planning on spending a LOT of time by the pool/beach this summer? Save precious holiday time and use these straighteners – they can be applied to wet and dry hair. Built with infrared light technology, it helps to dry your hair from the inside out, requiring less heat and helping to alleviate stress on the cuticle. Of course, heat protectant spray is always a must, it adds a barrier between your styling tools and your hair to seal in moisture and prevent locks from heat damage. Try GHD’s Mini Bodyguard Heat Protectant Spray, it’s infused with polymers to help lower the rate at which the heat is transferred to your hair fibres, and the pocket size is perfect for travelling.


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The Best Hair comb

Augustinus Bader, The Neem Comb, £22 

Not-so-fun fact: your hair comb accumulates bacteria daily, so look to hair tools with antibacterial properties like The Neem Comb. You can take it on your adventures as the waterproof material is extremely durable. Use the comb when your hair needs detangling, the softer, rounded teeth act like fingers to tease out knots without causing friction and breakage and will distribute oil evenly through the hair to prevent dandruff, while the antibacterial neem wood prevents scalp infections.


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The Best Heatless Hair Rollers

Drybar, High Tops Self-Grip Rollers, £10

Your one-way ticket to heat-free curls: Drybar’s High Tops Self-Grips Rollers come in a pack of both medium and large sizes to help you create your dream ‘do. Each roller is especially created to slide into your hair and grip with ease while being easy to remove to reveal bouncy I-can't-stop-touching-my-hair curls. For extra body, place each roller a few inches from your roots and then wrap your hair around and hold in place for a few hours.


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The Best Fast-Dry Hair Towel

Aquis, Rapid Dry Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, £30 

Last but not least in our 10 of the best hair tools shortlist, this gentle hair towel. Bath towels are usually made of cotton, which is coarser and drier than your hair, and can damage or weaken strands while you’re drying. The solution? A softer towel that absorbs excess water post hair wash without drying out your hair. Try the Aquis Rapid Dry Luxe Hair Towel, it’s made from Aquitex – the brands signature moisture-wicking fabric – and takes only 10 to 20 minutes to dry your tresses all over. It’s super lightweight and tightly woven so that it doesn’t feel heavy or pull on your hair while you’re drying it.


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