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  • Oxygen Finishing Mask

Natura Bissé

Oxygen Finishing Mask

36 €
Unclog pores and purify skin with this gel mask.

Editor’s Note

Formulated for all skin types, and especially suited for dull, congested and hyper-pigmented skin, this exceptionally revitalising gel mask infuses the skin with oxygen in order to obtain excellent purifying results. It decongests, illuminates, hydrates and softens the skin, whilst also eliminating impurities, allowing clogged pores to breathe-ideal for use after long flights or sleepless nights.

How to apply:

Step 1. Thoroughly cleanse, then apply a thin layer all over
Step 2. Wait for mask to set, then leave on for 10 minutes
Step 3. Rinse off with warm water


  • Decongesting effect to rid skin of impurities
  • Benefits are a revitalised, awakened, silky smooth skin

Natura Bissé

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