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Meet the Cast of My Beauty

What does beauty mean to you? For our seven 'My Beauty' campaign stars, its something completely unique to them. For Olly, make-up allows him to express himself fully, especially when he is in drag as his alter-ego Olivia, whereas for mum and daughter Megan and Rachel, beauty is something they bond over. Haven't watched the videos yet? Head over to @HarrodsBeauty on Instagram to catch all the feels.

H beauty, a new destination from Harrods, combines an innovative way to experience make-up, skincare and fragrance with some of the most lusted-after products and brands. Think of it as your very own beauty playground. Come and discover the first H beauty store at Intu Lakeside, Essex from the 17th September. In the meantime, meet our cast below.


My beauty is all day, every day

Not only does Karen have products spilling out of every type of storage in her bedroom but by day she is a visual merchandiser for MAC Cosmetics and by night, she is a beauty entrepreneur, heading up an artisan candle business. “My beauty is 24/7,” she says. Karen began her artisan candle business as candles have helped her deal with pressures on her mental health – she credits their ability to completely change a frame of mind.

Up close detail of Karen's face with red lipstick

“I’m surrounded by beauty and products all day. Even if I’m not wearing any make-up, I’m wearing fragrance and skincare and referring favourites to my friends.”

Karen flying her braids around in the hair


My beauty is being myself

Jules facing off camera

“Grooming and skincare helps me to feel really good about myself.”

For Jules, a trans and non-binary activist, writer and fitness enthusiast, their beauty routine has changed somewhat over the past couple of years in their journey to becoming who they are today. “After taking testosterone for a period of time I started growing facial hair but still had quite soft and sensitive skin. I had to learn to shave and explore various products that complemented my different complexion.” Now, Jules says, “I experiment with my expression, listening to myself rather than abiding by gender stereotypes, for example I often shave my body hair and sometimes wear eyeliner.”


"It’s hard to describe the feeling of pure freedom, watching your true self staring back at you in the mirror, especially after all these years feeling trapped in an image I didn’t identify with."


My beauty is my art

A beauty influencer from Birmingham, Zainab is a perfectionist of the very best kind and can whip-up a flawless base in a matter of minutes – but her fantastical eye make-up is where her skills come into the fore. She loves trying out ideas on paper first. “Face charts allow me to practice and experiment with different techniques and colours before applying it to a face to create a finalised look,” she says. Her inspiration behind the blue eye? “I wanted to portray feelings of calmness and elegance.” Her make-up isn’t just for show, it has meaning, too.


"My art is make–up. Creating different looks allows me to create beauty."


My beauty is expressing myself

Performing arts grad Olly came to love make-up from simple observation. “My mum is one of my biggest inspirations – watching her apply make-up and unboxing her new products was so exciting growing up.” Now, he uses it as a way to show the world who he really is, through his YouTube channel Olly Heaven and alter-ego Olivia Hell. “Make-up allows me to feel free and open to anything and anyone – not to mention it boosts my confidence tenfold.”

Olly dressed as his alter-ego Olivia Hell

“Make-up means I can unapologetically be my confident, artistic and incredible self.”

Olly looking off camera

Rachel and Megan

Our beauty is something we share

Mum and daughter Rachel (left) and Megan (right), who own a beauty salon in Preston, Lancashire, have always shared a love of beauty. “I’ve always been surrounded by my mum’s make-up,” says Megan. “Now, we literally share it! I have learned so much from Mum’s knowledge of make-up and application techniques.” Rachel specialises in the soft glam look they recreated on set – using many of the same products including a Huda Nude Eyeshadow palette “the shadows are game-changing, they’re creamy, easily blendable, complement every skin tone and are suitable for all ages. I firmly believe no matter what age you are you can be youthful,” says Rachel.


"Make-up makes us feel more confident, uplifted and beautiful."


My beauty is self care

Londoner Ruoyi’s principles for self-care are simple: “have a healthy lifestyle and stay positive.” She takes great care of her skin and is conscientious to what she puts on it, choosing products of natural origin with kind-to-skin, non-toxic ingredients. “I also do a honey mask sometimes and I really think it works.” During lockdown she taught herself yoga from YouTube tutorials, which helps her keep zen.


“Self-care brings me confidence. For me, confidence itself is beauty.”

Close-up of Ruoyi face
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Beauty products displayed on a table

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