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Enjoy 40% off selected Jimmy Choo – Shop Now

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Kitchenaid Food Processors & Mixers

How do you spark a revolution in kitchens across North America? If you’re Herbert Johnson – the engineer behind the creation of KitchenAid – you’d start by streamlining every amateur chef’s least favourite task: whisking egg whites by hand. A miracle of a device, the KitchenAid mixer quickly became an indispensable companion to thousands of at-home cooks (including one Mister Henry Ford) across the world. Fast forward to a century later, and KitchenAid’s time-saving appliances remain undefeated. Modern gourmets can find everything from multipurpose food processors and hand blenders that do all the heavy work for them to can’t-live-without add-ons such as sturdy mixing bowls and pasta-making attachments.

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