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Want in on incredible perks when you shop beauty? Join MyBeauty from Harrods Rewards.

Stay up to date with the latest Harrods news, events and Stories – Subscribe Now

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Top 10 Grooming Essentials


The contents of a man’s wash bag tell a lot about the man himself. Tried-and-tested brands speak of a chap who recognises quality, as well as guaranteeing that his grooming regime will cut the mustard. Cue our curation of the best bathroom essentials to elevate your every morning, from luxury deodorants and shampoos to TOM FORD concealers. Say hello to You 2.0.

Close Shave

Achieving a barber-grade shave requires masterful technique and the right equipment. Arm yourself with a premium razor such as Bolin Webb’s R1-S. Designed to be kind on sensitive skin, it’s primed with a three-blade head by Gillette and comes with an elegant travel case to boot.
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A Close Shave

Face Furniture

In favour of a beard? Factor an oil into your maintenance routine. Vegan and paraben-free, Le Labo’s Beard Oil works a treat on coarse hair – combining the protective properties of sunflower with jojoba to nourish and grapeseed to smooth.
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Beard Game

Rise & Shine

You may not associate deodorant with luxury. But you’d be wrong. The likes of Dior Homme elevate an everyday staple to an indulgent part of your grooming routine. Choose between a roll-on stick and a spray to suit your preference.
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Deo Dior

Bright Eyes

Due to the delicate nature of the skin that surrounds our eyes, the area can be prone to fine lines and damage. To delay the onset, gently work an eye cream like the Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye Zone Eye Treatment – exclusive to Harrods – into and around the brow bone and outer edges of your eye. As well as collagen-boosting properties to plump the skin, it contains bilberry seed extract for extra firming. Use once in the morning and then before bed.
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Bright Eyes

Youth Enhancing

Collagen is integral to maintaining the skin’s elasticity – unfortunately, its production declines as we get older. Therefore, help is required. Enter: collagen-boosting moisturisers such as Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men, which supplies the face with miracle ingredients like padina pavonica, an algae that’s clinically proven to encourage the production of collagen.
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Collagen is King

Subtle Finish

Late nights, early mornings; life can take its toll. When it does, it shows on our faces. The likes of dark circles and blemishes are symptomatic of a busy schedule, therefore subtle concealers by TOM FORD et al. make for the ultimate daily companions. Apply to the inner and outer eye area, as well as the lower crease with three strokes before gently working in with your little finger.
Touch Ups

Inside, Out

When it comes to looking good, what goes inside reflects on the outside. This applies to hair, too. Supplements such as Vida Glow’s Hairology capsules are proven to reduce hair loss and encourage growth – boosted with AnaGain, a pea sprout extract that strengthens hair, as well as biotin, zinc and selenium that maintain healthy growth. Suitable for vegans.
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Fuller, Thicker, Better

Condition, Condition, Condition

Traditional methods of haircare also apply. Drybar’s On the Rocks Lightweight Conditioner fits that very purpose. After you shampoo, work an olive-sized amount of product through your hair. Let it sit for five minutes as the ingredients – including coriander and macadamia nut oil – get to work on adding shine and reducing frizz. Rinse, then enjoy the benefits.
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Shampoo, then Condition

Hair Raising

If you’re prone to flat hair, or simply looking to add some oomph, hair sprays like IGK’s aptly named No Limit Dry Volume & Thickening Spray step in to offer a fuller shape without compromising on feel. This means no tacky textures or heavy product build-up – but, instead, a lightweight boost that works with curly, wavy and straight hair types.
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(H)air Time

Smooth Operator

Chaps who prefer slicker hairstyles can find a friend in pomade. Adding shine thanks to restorative lupine peptides, staples like Cowshed’s Neville Hair Pomade are ideal for pulling together a wet look or lightly textured finish.
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Smooth Operator
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