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Harrods Guide: Food & Wine Pairings

Feature: Long Read
Words by Emilie Dock

Opening a bottle of fine wine with dinner has got to be one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures, but choosing said bottle can be daunting – especially if you’re entertaining a party of wine connoisseurs. As ever, experience is the best teacher, so we asked our experts in the Fine Wines & Spirits department to recommend which wines go with oysters, lobster, steak and the UK’s favourite summer dessert: strawberries and cream.

The Best Wine Pairing for Oysters

There are few purer, more fabulous combinations than oysters and Champagne. Our preference is for our Premier Cru, as its bright minerality and zippy acidity marries beautifully with the plump, briny sweetness of oysters. Other good options are Muscadet, Picpoul de Pinet and Chablis–but these lack the fine bubbles that provide the perfect textural counterpoint to the smooth, velvety texture of the oysters.

The Best Wine Pairing for Lobster

Look for wines with a ripe mid-palate of fruit to match lobster’s sweet, fleshy sweetness. Chardonnay is a classic pairing, but exactly which type depends on how you’re serving the dish. A warm, buttered lobster straight off the grill works well with richer cuvées like this deliciously rich Chardonnay from Burgundy. Lighter, steamed lobster would find a more flattering partner in more subtly oaked vintages.  

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The Best Wine Pairing for Wagyu Steak

Rich in flavour and butter-soft in texture, Wagyu requires a medium-full-bodied wine that matches its weighty flavour yet feels velvety smooth. This Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia 2019 does both and further complements the meat’s subtle details with hints of balsamic, cypress and eucalyptus.  

The Best Wine Pairing for Strawberries and Cream

We love the aromatic sweetness of this delicate Moscato with strawberries and cream. An inviting bouquet of apricots, sage and honey adds a welcome complexity to the otherwise simple dessert, while a whisper of acidity cuts through the richness of the cream.

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