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Klarna is now available – Find Out More

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Klarna is now available – Find Out More

Stay up to date with the latest Harrods news, events and Stories – Subscribe Now

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Own Less, Wear More

The Harrods Rental Edit – available through My Wardrobe HQ to UK customers – is a sustainable way to be braver and bolder with your out-out wardrobe. This is style with no strings attached: for women who love fashion as much as they do Mother Earth. Who better, then, than eco-activists Rose Ellis and Ameera Mian to run wild in the best occasionwear this side of Ascot?

Ellie in floral dress

Rose wears Rotate

Conservationist and writer Rose Ellis lives plastic-free. Having studied endangered species in Cambodia and the Falkland Islands, Rose is also a volunteer at ZSL London Zoo, championing wildlife protection and preservation.

Video of Ellie in My Wardrobe HQ clothing

Rent the Shoot
Ameera in a yellow feather dress standing on top of a ladder

Ameera wears The Attico

Ellie in pink satin dress standing in a field

Rose wears Rasario

Ameera in a black sequin and feather gown leaning against a wooden gate

Ameera wears Huishan Zhang

After a cancer diagnosis two years ago, artist Ameera Mian became an advocate for natural, holistic healing. For Ameera, who is now in remission, planet earth is the ultimate elixir of health and happiness – and must be protected.

A video of Ameera in My Wardrobe HQ dresses

  • Rose & Ameera in white Alessandra Rich and Maticevski dresses jumping in the air

    Ameera wears Maticevski, Rose wears Alessandra Rich

  • Back of Rose in a pink satin Taller Marmo dress

    Rose wears Taller Marmo

  • Rose and Ameera dancing in pink Huishan Zhang and floral Needle & Thread summer dresses

    Ameera wears Huishan Zhang, Rose wears Needle & Thread

  • Ameera in pink Alessandra Rich dress standing on a swing

    Ameera wears Alessandra Rich

  • Rose and Ameera in black Huishan Zhang and Maticevski gowns leaning on a wooden fence

    Ameera wears Huishan Zhang, Rose wears Maticevski

  • Ameera in a multi-colour Halpern sequin dress leaping

    Ameera wears Halpern

  • Rose in a short blue The Attico dress standing in a big tree

    Rose wears The Attico

  • Rose and Ameera in floral, lacy Self-Portrait and Brock Collection summer dresses by a tree

    Rose wears Self-Portrait, Ameera wears Brock Collection

Ellie and Ameera laying on the grass in bright pink and yellow silk dresses

The Harrods Rental Edit

We’ve partnered with My Wardrobe HQ to launch a luxury fashion rental service for UK customers. Delight in the freedom of rental fashion and play dress-up to your heart’s content.

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