Harrods’ Christmas World 2012

By Emma Day 26 July 2012


There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the Christmas Eve crowds as you try to find your last perfect present.

So to help all you would-be last minute shoppers, Harrods has opened its popular Christmas World department a full 151 days before the big event.

Opened by the man himself, Father Christmas, on Thursday 26 July 2012, this new 8,000 sq ft shopping space features a spectacular giant snowglobe village, a pop-up gingerbread Harrods, a mountaintop ski chalet and even a replica of the Tower of London that will house Harrods’ most expensive set of Christmas crackers worth £1,299.

Plus, shop from our exclusive selection of Harrods Signature gifts, decorations and festive food, only at Christmas World, Second Floor.

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