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Wedding Hair How-To

Every hair repertoire should include a chignon. Easy to do, yet utterly elegant, whether bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest, it’s the perfect hairstyle for all occasions, complementing all dress necklines.

Aveda’s Joon Barratt showed us how to create an elegant chignon that’s perfect for summer weddings.

Wedding Hair How-To Credit: Getty
  1. 1

    Step 1 apply product
    Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Repair, mooth Infusion Style - Prep Smoother and Light Elements Smoothing fluid

    Dampen hair and apply Damage Remedy Hair Repair along with Smooth Infusion Style - Prep Smoother and Light Elements Smoothing fluid. Work through the hair with fingers until distributed evenly.

  2. 2

    Step 2 blowdry hair smooth
    Aveda paddle brush and hair dryer

    Part your hair as desired - a side parting works particularly well with this style - and brush the hair back off the face using a paddle brush as you blow-dry - make sure the airflow is always behind the brush and continue until hair is dry and smooth.

  3. 3

    Step three brush in to ponytail
    Aveda Brilliant medium hold spray

    Spray with Brilliant medium hold spray. Keeping one hand where you want to place the chignon, use the other hand to brush all the hair into your grip and secure with a band. Next, wrap a section of hair around to cover the band and secure with a pin.

  4. 4

    Step four wrap the hair around the band
    Hair straighteners

    Assess your ponytail - at this point you can add texture with heated rollers, crimpers or backcombing as you choose. For a more polished, wedding-appropriate look, Joon ran straighteners through the lengths and began to wrap the ponytail back on itself.

  5. 5

    Step five loop the hair in to a knot

    Make a knot by looping the hair and pulling the hair through the centre. If your hair is shorter, you can twist sections and pin individually for a similar effect.

  6. 6

    Step 6 pin the ends and finish with hairspray
    Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray

    Tuck the pulled-through ends back under the chignon and pin to secure. Use large pins first and smaller pins towards the surface as they’re less lightly to be seen. Finally mist over Air Control™ Hair Spray and smooth over the end of a tail comb to gently tame flyaway hairs.

Final Result

Glossy and elegant yet understated, this pretty style looks far more complicated than it is to actually do. Just make sure to practice the loop and knot a few times, and you’ll be a pro come the big day - you can even add in a fascinator or hair accessory for extra wow.

You’ll find everything you need to create the look below.

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