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Ex Nihilo Brings Personalised Perfume To Harrods

Launched one year ago in Paris, perfume house Ex Nihilo now opens the doors of its boutique in Harrods Salon de Parfums. “The inspiration behind the brand was avant-garde in a French way,” explains company Founder Benoît Verdier. “We wanted to create something new and contemporary with a younger vibe, but with the highest level of ingredients and service.” 

This approach is reflected in every aspect of the brand, from the innovative foam block packaging to the graphic logo. However it is the option to personalise your scent in-store that makes the fragrance experience truly modern. One of only two in the world (the original prototype can be found in Ex Nihilo’s Parisian flagship store) the brand’s unique Osmologue machine in Harrods allows the customer to personalise the fragrance with one of the highest quality ingredients to create an exquisite demi-bespoke perfume.

The fragrance experience begins at a row of light-up scented vases, where the customer will be presented with the brand’s eight perfumes. Co-Founder Sylvie Loday explains that the core collection was designed to emphasise the most beautiful ingredients in perfumery - “we wanted to emphasise those raw materials in a modern Ex Nihilo way.”

Once the customer has selected their preferred fragrance, they will be seated at a discreet desk at the back of the store to discuss their preference over coffee. Each of the core fragrances has three variations that give it a new creative twist. For example, variation one may have an uplifting citrus burst with added orange flower, while variation two has a new warmth and depth to it with added sandalwood. “It’s about understanding that you are unique in your olfactive preferences and taking the time to find out what suits you best” says Sylvie. “We can take as much time as needed.”

Once a favourite is established, the fragrance machine is programmed to the desired formula and sends jets of precious perfumed oils into a waiting glass. This is then decanted in to one of the beautiful glass flacons and sealed.

Technology and showmanship aside, the quality of the perfume has already won Ex Nihilo a legion of loyal fans in Paris. “We are very serious about the fragrances and ingredients, but the way we express it is a bit more modern,” says Benoît.

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