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Jeremy Scott Moschino Toy

Interview With: Moschino's Jeremy Scott

Did you always want to be a fashion designer?

I think when I was younger I also thought about being a cartoonist and I’ve always loved art in general. [Fashion is] not really something you have a real clear plan, like a cartoonist, in a way I do that now for a living in a different format.

"With fragrance one size fits all."

Jeremy Scott

Where did you get the inspiration for your first fragrance?

I was inspired by the Franco Moschino dress with the bears on it, it’s very iconic. I’ve always loved bears myself and incorporated them into my own work, and I thought it was the perfect harmony to do something around the bear and that it would be something revolutionary, as there has never been a bottle as a teddy bear. I wanted to challenge the perfume industry.

Do you think packaging and design is important when it comes to fragrance?

Absolutely. For me it’s just another way of communicating the whole idea and sensibility I want to give it. Obviously, I want to have humour, sweetness and love, so it’s great to be able to use all the elements, including stills images and video to convey this.

Why do you think fashion and fragrance is such a successful partnership?

Good question! I don’t know why but it is and it’s really a rite of passage for a designer so I’m happy to have this opportunity. I guess one good thing about it compared to fashion is with fragrance one size fits all.

Who is the one celebrity you have not worked with yet but would love to dress?

I’ve been so spoiled, I feel naughty even coming up with a name but I do love Dolly Parton so much. I would love to dress her but I love her as she is. I don’t want to alter her but I would love to rhinestone something up for her.

Moschino Toy is available exclusively at Harrods.

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