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Cate Blanchett

Interview With: Cate Blanchett

How did you become the brand ambassador for SK-II?

I started using SK-II about 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. I’d noticed, for the first time, changes in my skin and a friend of mine, make-up artist Mary Greenwell, said “Darling, why don’t you try this?”

“As an actress, increasingly, you do get scrutinised, but I think all women feel watched.”

Is there a lot of pressure for you to look after your skin as an actress?

As an actress, increasingly, you do get scrutinised, but I think all women feel watched. We all record ourselves and put out idealised senses of ourselves on the internet.

Talk us through your daily skincare regime.

It’s very simple; having used SK-II for so long now it only takes me a couple of minutes every morning and night. I use the Facial Treatment Essence, along with the LXP range, which is very concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot - it’s quality over quantity.

Have you learnt any good beauty tips on set?

Before being fortunate enough to work with such great make-up artists, I used to just put foundation on. I realised that, certainly on film, you want the foundation to last all day because the hours are long. I learnt to prime the skin and that the moisturiser you use first is very important. It’s a bit like priming a canvas, I guess.

Do you have a special beauty ritual the night before a big event?

I try to sleep, which, having three children, doesn’t always happen! Also, a couple of days in advance I’ll use a SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, and I always keep a few sachets of the Signs Eye Mask in the freezer to take down any puffiness and smooth out any fine lines.

What’s your clutch bag beauty essential when at a premiere?

I’ll have some chewing gum, my telephone, a little bit of Pawpaw cream for my lips and I’ll decant some Facial Treatment Essence into a small spray bottle – I find it seals in the make-up so I don’t need to continually re-apply.

Describe one of your favourite red carpet looks.

It’s always about how you feel, because I think if you feel great then you look good and no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll shine through the dress. I love dressing up, love it. I wore a Givenchy dress to the Academy Awards a few years ago; it was mauve with luminescent green. I remember I’d had a great day and I really enjoyed wearing that.

You grew up in Australia, did this shape your attitude towards suncare?

In Australia the hole in the ozone layer is probably at its most intense, and there are high incidences of skin cancer so everyone is very aware of sun damage. I stepped out of the sun at a really early age, thank goodness; my mum was very conscious of that and I’m really grateful to her. Also, being pale I was never going to be a sun bunny, and I embraced that at a young age. I think it’s had a massive impact on my skin now.

Tell us how the make-up artist transformed you into character for Blue Jasmine.

On film you very rarely have any rehearsal, and working with Woody Allen you don’t have any discussion, so the development of the character begins in dialogue with the costume designer and hair and make-up people. Jasmine is someone who is absolutely falling apart at the seams but desperately trying to hold herself together. She had a lot of make-up on at times, and then ended up in a place where she is totally de-masked with no make-up at all, so almost became transparent at the end of the film. It was a really interesting journey with the make-up artist and I kept having to say - “it’s ok, I don’t have to look beautiful in the conventional sense of the word all the time.”

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