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DSquared2 interview

Interview With: Dsquared2

With style fans including Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Cristiano Ronaldo, Dsquared2 is the go-to brand for edgy denim, daring dresses and super-cool separates. Created by Canadian twin brothers, Dean and Dan Caten, the brand has been on the fashion scene since 1984. We talked to the designers about their inspirations, design process and what it's like to work with family...

How did you get into fashion - what was your route into the industry?

We started at a young age, making clothes for our sisters. As time passed and our passion became stronger and stronger, we realised that we wanted to make something of our own in the fashion world, so we moved to New York City to study and practice.

Then we moved to Europe to further improve on our skills. We still have the same motivation and spirit we had in the beginning; we got into fashion early and hope that we still have many years to go.

"Being twins is our strength, as we complete and totally understand each other - we can communicate without words."

How do you get inspiration each season - where do you look for ideas when you start to moodboard a collection?

We are inspired by everything - things in our daily life and our surroundings inspire our work. Feelings, experiences, travelling, a song or just a colour…if we get positive vibes from something, we try to transform them into creative ideas.

What's the benefit of working together as brothers?

Being twins is our strength, as we complete and totally understand each other - we can communicate without words. We are two different people that share one mind, so everything comes naturally to us.

What's your design process - do you ever have creative clashes?

We have a lot of fun designing and always try to have a positive attitude in order to let our creativity run. As a result, even though we sometimes disagree, we always manage to reach a compromise. 

Who is your ultimate muse?

We do not have one specific muse, we have many. They all inspire us in different ways.

What's the story behind your SS15 collection?

The SS15 collection shows sporty, chic girls and boys that love the arts and express themselves in a stylish way with a cheeky twist. The range showcases a mix and match of colours and textures. It’s all about a positive attitude, as always with our designs.

What's next for you?

Dsquared2 is always evolving, always unexpected. We never stop! 

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