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Duresta for Matthew Williamson

At Home With Matthew Williamson

One of London’s most-loved fashion designers, who counts the likes of Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne as fans and friends, Matthew Williamson has turned his hand to the world of interiors and his latest collaboration - with Nottinghamshire-based furniture brand Duresta - is nothing short of spectacular. Brightening up homes one exquisite piece of furniture at a time, Matthew admits: “interior design has always been a passion of mine, for as long as I can remember.” And it shows.

Ahead of the exclusive launch of Duresta for Matthew Williamson as part of The London Edit, we caught up with the designer to talk all-things interiors.

On where fashion meets interiors…

“While fashion has been my career focus, there is such a huge overlap between the two industries and I see a real crossover in my work. I imagine a woman who buys one of my dresses also wants a fabulous sofa or wallpaper, and it's this 360% lifestyle approach to my work that I love most and I’m really enjoying developing this concept.”

"My home, much like my fashion, is eclectic, globally influenced, with bright and bold colour and lots of attention to detail."

On his first foray into interior design…

“My bedroom as a teenager was my first experimental space and I remember - much to my parents’ confusion - insisting on painting the walls lilac and the woodwork and radiators silver. I still carry the same passion today: to create a space that reflects your personality and is somewhere you feel happy to be in. Hopefully my taste has developed and refined a bit over the years.”

On his unique approach…

“For the home I usually start with some basic principles such as understanding the space limitations and what it's going to be used for and try to create a practical backdrop first, but after that I have no rules really. I tend to go with my instincts, buy what I love, and I’m not afraid to mix things up and experiment. As a result, my home, much like my fashion, is eclectic, globally influenced, with bright and bold colour and lots of attention to detail.”

On collaborating with Duresta…

“Duresta is a brilliant brand based in the UK that makes all its furniture by hand. I'm drawn to brands that value craftsmanship and quality, and Duresta certainly does that. Making my first line of furniture with them has been a passion project; it's been a real journey to see the pieces come to life over the past year and I'm thrilled with the results as they really reflect my brand's DNA. The difficult thing for me now is to edit down which pieces I want to have in my own home!” 

On his inspiration for the collection…

“The collection came to life mostly by looking at the pieces I own myself; things I’ve bought from antique markets or dealers over the years and then adapted or updated. I also collect tears of anything that catches my eye so it was a fun process to build a collection that came from my favourite personal pieces.”

On his favourite pieces from the collection?

“I love the flamingo and peacock tables; I imagined these being such key, practical yet whimsical pieces in the range. I'll no doubt have a pair of those either side of my sofas both at home and in my showroom.” 

On designing his own home…

“I'm lucky with my home as it has good bones. It's a Victorian town house and the rooms are large with high ceilings and great original details so really my job was to dress it and make it personal to me.” 

His top tips to reinvigorate a room…

“I love to move things around regularly to keep it fresh. It's easier than you sometimes think to make your space evolve and adding a few small touches here and there can help to update your look. Flowers, candles, cushions, book piles and pictures are easy ways to add areas of interest. I love collecting books and have to admit to being a bit obsessive about how they are displayed. I like to pile them up around the house in various colour combinations as they then become like little platforms for your favourite pieces to sit on top. This is an easy thing to do and has become a regular ever-changing aspect in my home.”

Duresta for Matthew Williamson is available exclusively in-store at Harrods on the Third Floor.

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