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Behind-The-Shoot With Antonio Berardi

Next up in the Inside The Studio film series, discover the goings-on in Antonio Berardi's energetic atelier as he and his team - including his muse, Creative Director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, do the final prep on his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, ahead of his London Fashion Week presentation. Watch our exclusive behind the scenes shoot above.

When it comes to the inspiration behind his beautiful collections, Antonio reveals: "It's not down to one thing, it could be anything from a piece of art, a line from a movie - the idea is you think of things that sometimes you can quite put your finger on. It comes from anything and everything. I also don't wear my glasses all the time - so sometimes I think I see things which in reality are quite different, my imagination runs riot."

And on his signature style? Antonio shares: "People see me as a designer who does a pretty dress. We try to move things on each season. The idea is as the brand progresses, you notice you take smaller steps, you work on the things you're known for that people expect to see from you, but you also evolve your style to explore new directions."

Revealing that at the core of the Berardi aesthetic is that tension between masculine, feminine, between the designer himself and his charismatic muse - his Creative Director and Editor-In-Chief of 10 Magazine, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, she reveals: "I like to put a twist on things.  There's always something that's breathing through us both that eventually ends up materialising in the clothes somehow. It's a constant communication between us, we focus on who the Antonio Berardi woman really is - who's going to buy the clothes, who's going to wear them, and what do the garments mean to someone in their reality."

On set during the shoot with Harrods, one of Berardi's biggest fans, blogger Shini Park of Park & Cube shared her thoughts on the designer: "I'm a huge fan of the art of tailoring, and equally, the magic that it takes for a beautiful floaty dress to come to life - both of which Antonio Berardi is famous for marrying into his collections. I'm very excited to have the chance to see his designs and extraordinary craftsmanship up-close by being on set for the Inside The Studio campaign." 

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