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Angela Scanlon

5 Minutes With Angela Scanlon

Not only does she have stylist and journalist on her résumé, but now, Angela Scanlon can add TV presenter to her ever-growing list of talents. Teaming up with Raoul for an exclusive photo shoot, we talk to Irish-born Angela about her style muses, her favourite current trends and which fashion tastemaker's wardrobe she'd most like to raid.

As a presenter how do you draw inspiration for your work - what's your process?
It depends on the job. I've just finished filming a travel show where it's all about bold, bright holiday colours. TV is a visual medium and obviously style and clothes play a major part and bring their own appeal. If I'm hosting live events I have to kick it up a notch; if I had the choice I’d wear boyfriend jeans and a jumper every day and everywhere! I break out the sequins sometimes and when in doubt, I unleash my legs and throw a pair of ridiculous heels on.

Did you have a style muse growing up?
It was my dad! He was always really interested in clothes; when we went on holiday he would get leather shoes made, he always had awesome suits for special occasions and was really groomed and particular about his appearance. My granny, who had 14 children, even until she was 93, would not go out without her lipstick! There was an awareness of style but I was allowed to do whatever I wanted, express my own style, even if it was a little more undone than they might have liked.

What is the one wardrobe item that's your absolute staple?
A cashmere jumper - black, camel or navy. I have a tonne and wear them with everything. There is something so comforting about the feel of cashmere on the skin, like a sartorial hug.

Do you have a style mantra?
Wear what makes you feel good. It doesn't matter if you're over- or under-dressed, if you feel amazing you'll look that way. Colour outside the lines sometimes, take chances and have fun with it. Forget about trends and only ever buy clothes that make you smile. You should feel emotionally connected to the pieces you invest in, so unless they make you wild with excitement, walk away.

Is there a particular trend right now that you're loving?
I love that trends don't seem to matter anymore. The lines are blurred, the seasons are merging and there's a realisation that personal style is more important than seasonal trends. Once you figure out what suits you and what you love, then the trends are irrelevant. But if you pushed me, I'm all over tartan at the moment.

How would you sum up your personal style in three words?
Haphazard, considered, dishevelment.

Do you have any styling tips or tricks for eveningwear? What's your favourite formal dress silhouette?
When dressing for an evening event I love to juxtapose something more casual like a relaxed tee with a statement evening piece. I’m currently coveting the delectable full-length feather skirt from Raoul. My top styling tip for eveningwear is be more experimental, try new prints, colours and textures that you wouldn’t normally wear in the day – eveningwear should be fun!

Which fashion tastemaker's wardrobe would you most like to raid?
Laura Bailey's. She is so brilliantly expressive and does layers like no other human can. I adore her style, and her!

What beauty products are in your handbag?
Smashbox lip plump, Charlotte Tilbury powder, Crème de la Mer lip balm and Avène thermal spray - I'm prone to over-heating.

What is the one fashion item that means the most to you - perhaps holds a particular memory?
My wedding dress or my jewellery, all wonderfully sentimental and filled with memories - they could tell stories!

What's coming up next for you?
I've just finished filming two series which were amazing but all-consuming; this weekend I hosted London Fashion Weekend for the British Fashion Council and next weekend I'm off to Toronto for a job, I'm also moving house! Once all that’s done I plan on taking a weekend off and spending some time breathing in fresh air and talking nonsense with my friends and family who have seen me only from afar for the past few months. Bliss!

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