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5 Minutes With Rosanne Karmes

Sydney Evan jewellery is elegant, fun and covetable; from delicate necklaces that behold shimmering heart charms, love scribbles and twinkling evil eyes to chic earrings sprinkled with diamonds.

We caught up with Rosanne Karmes, the creator of the brand, while she was visiting London, about her inspirations, her jewellery rules and celebrity fans of the brand. Scroll through the gallery above for a peek at the brand’s super-cute designs.

What made you first get into designing jewellery?
At high school I had a friend whose family was in the jewellery business and I kind of just got thrown into the business. However, I did always like jewellery. When I was 11, I started taking the bus with my friends to the bead store and I bought necklaces and bracelets that I still have today. I made them with puka shells, silver, heishi beads and mother of pearl charms; I would bead and my parents never really gave me any money for candy and all those fabulous things so I would sell the necklaces for a dollar or two and that was the beginning of my entrepreneurship.

Describe your design process.
I start by drawing. Actually, I start with a thought in my head first; I see a vision and I try my best to create my vision on paper. The next step is to get the proportions perfect, then create the wax or the CAD and then get the mould made, cast it, file it and polish it. I’m such a perfectionist; it will go back and forth between me and jeweller several times before it’s acceptable to me. The whole process can take anything from two weeks to three months.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
From my late mother who was very French, very classic and that’s where the classic part of the line comes from. The edgy part, which is really the other half, is from the 17 years’ experience I have of being an accessories representative.

Sydney and Evan, my children, are a huge inspiration to me, and even my husband is super-creative. I’m in the middle of making a brand new evil eye, it’s so beautiful, and he inspired me.

Do you have a particular person in mind when you’re designing your collections?
I make what I want to wear; I visualise it on me and whether I would like it. If I make something and I don’t like it, then it never goes into the line.

I have celebrity clientele who buy my from my collections organically; Diane Kruger wears my jewellery and I love that she loves my jewellery and I love that Rihanna wears my jewellery! Bar Refaeli is one of my favourites who wears my pieces - she is absolutely a natural beauty.

What plans do you have for the future of the brand?
I launched a diffusion line last year called SHY; it’s made up of sterling silver pieces with little diamonds off to the side and everything is tiny. The line has done so amazingly well that I know there’s a lot more to come with Sydney Evan; my next launch will be a men’s collection. There’s lot of things I want to do: handbags, watches and as long as there’s imagination, Sydney Evan is never going to be finished.

Do you have any favourite pieces from your own collection?
I love my teardrop evil eye and my ring bracelet; I think it’s so sexy.

Do you have any rules when it comes to wearing jewellery?
The only rule that I have is, never wear long earrings and a short necklace. If I’m wearing dramatic earrings, I don’t like to wear a necklace at all for the most part. But today, I think everything goes.

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