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Zoe Jordan interview

5 Minutes With Zoë Jordan

Renowned for her sleek, sporty aesthetic, Zoë Jordan knows exactly what her fans – Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne and Olivia Palermo included – want; and to prove it, the British designer has created K N I T L A B, a collection of knitwear that transcends the seasons to make every wardrobe work that bit harder. We caught up with Zoë to find out more…

What inspired you to create a ‘seasonless’ collection?
As a consumer I don’t shop in ‘seasons’, so why should I expect other people to? Catering to this fundamental truth made sense to me, and it seems to for consumers too as we’ve seen great results since the launch of K N I T L A B.

How did you decide what to include in the collection and what are its defining characteristics?
The defining characteristics of K N I T L A B are structured shapes with a more languid style. K N I T L A B‘s trademark cut-outs echo the graphic elements of the main collections. It’s all about creating those loved pieces you pull on every day, that always feel elegant and ‘together’, while still contemporary and relevant.

Each of the pieces in the K N I T L A B collection is named after a scientist, how did that idea come about?
K N I T L A B is like a scientist’s lab! It’s all about innovation and the great scientists were the original innovators. My inspiration comes from everywhere – not least science.

Summer versus winter; which do you prefer styling-wise and why?
The idea of seasonality is kind of irrelevant to me now. I travel a lot, the weather’s crazy anyway and I live most of my life in a heated studio bubble! I may swap my leather track pants for tailored shorts in the summer, but the way I style is pretty constant: luxurious layers and a luxurious, athletic aesthetic. My brand style is echoed in my personal style.

What are your key tips for layering?
Go for longer underlayers, mix colours and textures, experiment and be cosy. If you decide you don’t like it, you can always lose a layer and no one will be any the wiser!

How would you describe the Zoë Jordan woman?
Every man's best friend and every girl's confidant.

Shop our edit of K N I T L A B pieces below.

Head in-store to see the K N I T L A B collection alongside the full Autumn/Winter 2015 collection in Designer Studio Room 1, First Floor.

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