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Famille Mary Honey

The Power Of Honey

Whether it’s a spoonful added to your tea, spread on toast or an accompaniment to your breakfast yogurt, the ways in which you can use honey to enrich your daily meals are boundless.

Known for its nutritional, antioxidant and healing properties, honey can be infused with myriad flavours for even more enjoyment. Famille Mary, a French, family-owned brand that has been making honey for over three generations, features unique flavourings in its premium honey collection, including rose, violet and truffle.

Established in 1921, Famille Mary uses only the finest ingredients and is known as a specialist of French honey, combining natural plant extracts with precious Acacia nectars.

You can find Famille Mary products in-store in the Harrods Food Halls on the Ground Floor.

Shop our edit of fine honey below.

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