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Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Calgary Avansino, Wellness Expert and Contributing Editor at Vogue shares her tips for sticking to a healthy eating regime and how to avoid the ‘danger zones’ that crop up in everyday life.

"We all have moments when we are tempted by foods that we really don’t want to be eating. Whether it’s due to low blood sugar or stress, with a little preparation, the right mind-set and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can take back control and wave those temptations goodbye.

The Afternoon Slump
Fighting the dreaded afternoon slump is all about forward planning.
1. Fuel your day with a balanced lunch of nutritious greens, lean protein and good grains which will keep you going a lot longer than something processed, wheat-heavy or laden with sugar.
2. Prepare for the 3:30pm munchies with healthy snacks like nuts, gluten-free oatcakes, chopped veggies, apples, pears, dried seaweed snacks, rice cakes and trail mix.
3. Kick the afternoon caffeine habit – it just spikes you and then brings you down. Try Matcha tea, green juice or coconut water instead – it won't feel the same at first but remember, you have to make changes to see changes.  

The Restaurant Dinner
I know it sounds crazy, but never go to dinner on an empty stomach; if you’re ravenous, you’ll eat anything and make less healthy choices.
1. Grab a quick snack before your meal – try an apple with almond butter, crudités and hummus or a handful of nuts.
2. Pace yourself: don’t drink your first glass of wine too fast, pass on the bread basket and remember, every restaurant has vegetables so don’t feel pushy for requesting a side of steamed veg.

The Cocktail Party
In an ideal world, we would finish our last meal two hours before going to bed (at a sensible time), but of course this goal doesn’t apply to late night celebrations!
1. When it comes to alcohol, decide before you go out how much you are going to drink and stick to it; choose wine or spirits with a non-sugary mixer like tonic water.
2. Arrange your taxi home in advance so you won’t be tempted to stay out later and drink more than intended.
3. If you can’t resist the canapés, opt for a lean protein and vegetable based option, not the one loaded with sugar. And always dance, it burns loads of calories!

The Long Haul Flight
Take control of your nutrition and wellness when you’re travelling because you can never predict what will be available and when you’ll have time to eat.
1. Bring healthy snacks for you and your family – you wouldn’t travel without packing your toiletry bag, so don’t leave home without tossing a few healthy options into your carry-on.
2. Bring energy-boosting green powder sachets. You can add them straight to bottled water for much-needed hydration and a dose of positive green goodness."

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