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Miller Harris Le Fumee Collection

Miller Harris Launches New Fragrance Collection

Harrods is proud to announce the worldwide exclusive launch of Miller Harris’ La Fumée Collection. For two years the brand has worked closely with the Harrods Beauty Buying team to create a unique fragrance experience for the Harrods customer.

The collection of four fragrances (La Fumée Intense, pictured above, is to be released later this year) pays homage to the Middle East and its precious ingredients that are still revered today for their intoxicating power. From Arabian frankincense and myrrh, to delicate jasmine from Egypt, orange flower from Tunisia and cedar from Morocco, each perfume showcases scents that Lyn Harris, the Master Perfumer, experienced on her travels around the region.

“My fragrances are paintings – they tell a story of my journey, my life and style,” says Harris, “I have studied each material over the years and I know them intimately like a friend - every facet.  This has enabled me today to be ruthless in my selection.  I know what I want and what can work for me and my creations.  Respecting each material’s abilities is key and gives me my signature.”

La Fumée Classic, La Fumée Arabie, La Fumée Ottoman and La Fumée Maroc are now available exclusively online and in-store at Harrods, Apothecary, Ground Floor.

Shop the fragrances below.

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