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How to choose, store and drink coffee

The Coffee Guide

With over 166 years' experience in supplying the world's finest coffee, Harrods' Food Halls and our extensive online offering are the perfect destinations to discover beans from across the globe. Whether you’re a coffee novice or a java genius, we’ve put our coffee expertise to the test with a need-to-know guide. Read on for coffee bean basics, regional flavour profiles and our recommendations for what to drink and when.

Two of the most common beans you will find on a regular basis are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans tend to be brighter and more fragrant, while Robusta beans are earthier and more powerful, which can add richness and depth to a well-made blend, plus an added kick to your morning brew.

As with wine, regional variations play a large part in the flavour of coffee. As a general rule, Guatemalan coffees tend towards balanced profiles with bright, clean flavours, Kenyan coffees have a bold flavour with a characteristic sharpness and Brazilian coffees will have a low acidity and are often rich with caramel tones.

In general, light roasts are acidic, bright and true to the taste of the coffee’s origin, medium roasts begin to mute the acidity and produce soft caramel notes and, finally, dark roasts yield a bittersweet taste that starts to dominate the bean’s natural flavour profile.

Grinding your own coffee beans every morning is a luxury that you might want to consider if you drink a lot of coffee, but buying ground coffee is a quick and easy middle ground between whole beans and instant. Store your coffee in an airtight container and consume within four to six weeks for optimum flavour.

From your morning cuppa and afternoon pick-me-up to an iced treat on a hot summer’s afternoon, coffee punctuates our day in many ways. We asked Harrods’ Coffee And Tea Buyer, Yousef Serroukh, to share his expert coffee recommendations.

Morning Founders’ Choice blend - with bright citrus tastes from Kenya, and clean, fruity notes from Costa Rica, this refreshing blend is an ideal way to start the day.
Mild Signature Blend - beautifully smooth and balanced, this coffee’s sweet and creamy texture is a perfect, mild choice for beginner coffee drinkers.
Connoisseur Archive Blend - a revival of a classic blend of Indian and Costa Rican coffee originally produced by Harrods in 1901, this coffee offers a taste of the past for the consummate coffee drinker.
With Milk Traditional Blend - sourced from Colombia and Kenya, this medium-roasted blend is made from pure Arabica beans for balanced notes of sweetness and acidity that are beautifully complemented with a dash of milk.
Fruity Hawaiian Coffee - this Arabica coffee from the island of Kono is sweet with caramel-toned fruit notes and a light, citric acidity.

Coffee Machines
Die hard coffee fans may turn their noses up at the idea of drinking coffee from a capsule, but Nespresso’s pioneering coffee machines have been specially developed to replicate the experience of a fresh espresso, while milk frothing attachments will turn your Americano into a takeaway-worthy latte or cappuccino. 

Why not try… pour coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze to give iced coffee an extra caffeine kick, add a shot of coffee to buttercream icing or mix with hot chocolate for a comforting at-home mocha.

For a bespoke service, visit the coffee counter in the Harrods Food Halls, First Floor; select your beans from over 40 coffees with the expert advice of our team, who will help you find exactly what you're looking for. Your bespoke blend will then be named and logged in the Harrods Coffee Log so it can be easily blended on request at your next visit and, finally, you can add a personal message to make a thoughtful, individual gift. 

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