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5 Tech Exclusives to Know

Feature: Long Read
Words by Eleanor Hibberd

A hub of innovation and cutting-edge design, there’s more than one reason why our Technology department is the mothership for any tuned-in tech-head. Home to some of the most sought-after releases in the industry, our Fifth Floor destination has you plugged into the most exclusive creations around. Hotfoot it to Harrods for the tech you won’t find anywhere else. 

Bang & Olufsen x Berluti speakers and headphones on table
Store Exclusive
Bang & Olufsen x Berluti

Purveyor of an unrivalled design expertise rooted in great style, Bang & Olufsen is a perfect bedfellow for Italian fashion house Berluti, whose collaboration makes for a range of tech that’s particularly easy on the eyes. The prestigious leather brand has put its luxe spin on the Beosound Balance speaker, Beovision Harmony television, and the Beolab 90 speaker – reimagined in premium materials like Venezia leather to elevate your home. For the fashion-forward among you, the Beoplay H95 headphones and Beosound A1 speaker with their specially made Berluti pouches are must-haves when on the go. 

+44 (0)20 7730 1234 ext. 6605
Fuoripista Exercise Bike
Store Exclusive
Fuoripista Exercise Bike

 It’s no secret that home workouts have been on the rise, becoming a permanent fitness solution for many of us. When space is limited and our homes continue to multi-task, carefully considered interiors can be easily disrupted by an office chair here, a home-schooling set-up there and gym equipment plonked at the end of your bed. But with design as good as Elite’s Fuoripista exercise bike, your fitness regime no longer becomes an obstacle to a stylish, modern living space. The high-performing machine, crafted from beechwood, combines sculptural and architectural beauty for a piece you’ll want on full display. When the design is this considered, your workout won’t only feel good, it’ll look good too. 

Worldwide Exclusive

Samsung has ushered in the next generation of display technology – and trust us, once you’ve had a viewing experience like this, you’ll never see things the same way again. The new Samsung MICRO LED offers a ground-breaking 110” display with perfect contrast, eye-popping colour and magnificent detail – all down to micrometre-sized LED lights that self-illuminate to produce light and colour from their own pixel structures. The cinematic Infinity Screen puts you right in the middle of the action with an edge-to-edge design, while 10 dedicated TV speakers fire 3D sound from all sides. It’s so good, you have to see it to believe it.

+44 (0)20 7730 1234 ext. 6204
Pantheone speaker
Store Exclusive
Pantheone I Speaker

All good design has an origin story – and this one begins in Ancient Rome. Part speaker, part sculpture, the unique Pantheone I is inspired in name and in form by the occulus of the Pantheon – allowing for incredible depth of sound that projects all around for a 360° experience. Sound, form and function come together for a seamless aural experience, designed to mimic the acoustics of the Roman temple. A feat of engineering and design with no detail left unattended, the Pantheone I would be as much at home in a museum or a gallery as it would in your living room.

Greg Williams Prints Exhibition Anna Hathaway black and white photo
Worldwide Exclusive
Leica x Greg Williams

Known as the photographer to the stars, Greg Williams is famed for his intimate shots of the world’s most famous celebrities. An exhibition in collaboration with Leica has opened exclusively in our Technology department displaying 12 of his most iconic images – including Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway on the roof of Harrods, no less. An ardent fan of Leica’s Q2 and SL2 models, he says: “the camera is literally an extension of me. I see something and it records it. There’s no other camera in the world that works for me in that way.” So devoted is he, that the photographer has designed his very own limited-edition model in tandem with Daniel Craig, inspired by the effect of vintage Leica M cameras so well-thumbed that they reveal glimpses of the brass beneath. 


The studio-stamped prints are available to purchase individually or as a complete set of 12. Find the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams for sale in the Technology department. 

+44 (0)20 7730 1234 ext. 6840
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