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Tania Grier make-up and beauty

Tania Grier Talks Beauty

Tania Grier, A-list make-up artist - her roster includes Poppy Delevingne, Laura Bailey, Charlotte Dellal and Suki Waterhouse, to name a few – shares her beauty pearls of wisdom...

What do you love most about make-up?
I love that make-up can make you look healthy and radiant even when you are sleep-deprived or under the weather. Clever make-up can completely change your face without masking it. I also love it because there are no rules, it's such fun!

If you could only give one make-up trick that every woman should use, what would it be?
Find your perfect red lip/bright lip! When you're feeling tired, or if you have to go out straight from work, simply adding a red lipstick can change your mood instantly, taking you from office to opera in seconds. A bright, orange-based red is my favourite red-carpet trick for jet-lagged actresses or models needing a pick-me-up. It's quick, classic, suits every skin tone and never goes out of fashion. I'm obsessed with Sisley's new Phyto Lip Twist in Poppy, it builds up so quickly and there's no need to sharpen so it's always in my kit.

What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
Wearing too much make-up, clumpy mascara and not cleansing properly. I would always recommend double cleansing before bed, followed by a toner - make sure it's not full of alcohol. 

If you had to impart just one piece of beauty wisdom, what would it be?
Protect yourself from the sun from a young age by using an SPF daily. Your skin will thank you for it later in life. It's hard to get that flawless-skin look when you have to cover up sun spots and leathery skin. You wouldn't believe how many young models already have sun damage and it's not always from blistering heat. Most sun damage comes from being caught out while walking to work or on your lunch break. If you like natural bases, Sisley’s new Tinted Facial Sun Care SPF30 is a good one to try.

What is your favourite Sisley product and why?
The new Sisleÿa L’Intégral. It makes the skin come alive, plumps and hydrates and gives a gorgeous glow. Your skin feels just as hydrated at 6pm as it did at 6am. I'm completely addicted!

What is the best way to prep your face before applying make-up?
Use a good eye mask (or an ice cube) and face mask for a few minutes beforehand and make sure the skin is completely clean before applying moisturiser. I like to layer skincare products, so the skin is prepared for the base. For me, makeup is 70% about the skin preparation. If you don't give it enough love before applying make-up, it will just sit on the surface.

Coming into summer, what key make up trends should we all be trying?
Bright eyeliners are on trend for SS16. Keep it simple with a clean line along the lash line. I find pencils and crayons easier as you don't necessarily need a brush. For the Georgia Hardinge London Fashion week show recently, I used the new Emerald Phyto Eye Twist by Sisley for a bright pop of green (greens are a huge trend this summer); it's so easy to apply, dries quickly and never ever smudges. Bright lips are back too (hot pinks, oranges and poppy reds) and there's an anti-contour vibe, with make-up artists preferring to use skincare and strobing techniques instead as it gives a more youthful look. Cream blushers are big, with the naturally-pinched cheek look making a comeback. This year it's all about healthy skin and minimal make-up with fun, bright colours on the eyes and lips.

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