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12 Niche Fragrances To Know

Looking for a niche perfume? Allow us to introduce you to twelve of our current fragrance wonders, all of which can be found in our iconic Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor. Within its boutiques you'll discover myriad niche fragrances, housed within extraordinary flacons and created with some of the rarest ingredients in perfumery. They’re so niche, in fact, many can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

But this isn't where your niche perfume paradise ends, while these scents may be the elite, you'll find niche fragrances aplenty in our Beauty Halls and at – all made with interesting ingredients, unique blends and clever touches – from some of the bestnoses in the business.

Clive Christian: Crab Apple Blossom

Originally released in 1886, Crab Apple Blossom was one of the Crown Perfumery Company’s (Clive Christian’s original brand name), best-selling scents, as its founder was the first perfumer to create a niche fragrance with the signature spring flower. Now, it’s been re-released, containing a cacophony of fruity and floral notes alongside a salty aquatic note and musk. Clive Christian is one of the finest british perfume brands – and one to watch. 

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Clive Christian  perfume bottle

Boadicea The Victorious: Fire Sapphire

From another British perfume brand, if you like scents that pack a punch – that are both floral, fruity, woody and spicy – this sparky pure perfume will tick all the right boxes. Created entirely within the UK, the flacon is as precious as the juice it holds, with gold-plated glass and a real fire sapphire. A masterpiece of British craftmanship.

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Boadicea The Victorious perfume bottle

Floraiku: Surprise

Fit for any celebration (just look at the haiku on its reverse: Surprise, Birthday, The Candle Lights to see), Floraiku’s special scent is like a warm fuzzy glow. It’s creamy and buttery thanks to the addition of heliotrope, but also dates give it a sweet twist with oud oil for depth and power.

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Floraiku perfume bottle

Shalini: Iris Lumiere

Iris Lumiere, aside from smelling divine, has many olfactory benefits for its wearer. “Historically perfumes were not used merely for beauty, but instead for healing and prayer,” explains Shalini Kumar, founder of Shalini Parfum. Notes of iris, galbanum and frankincense offer peace and self-acceptance. “I wear it close to my throat, the chakra point of expression,” she says.

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Shalini  perfume bottle

Armani Privé: Cuir Majesté

Leather is the hero note of this Armani Privé fragrance but it’s not a traditionally dark, brooding scent that you might come to expect from leather fragrances. Instead, Osmanthus flowers, May rose and vanilla give it a modern sweetness, making it a unique choice for men and women alike.

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Arman perfume bottle

Kilian: Roses on Ice

The perfect tonic, even if you’re not at the bar, as gin on the rocks – Kilian’s wife’s favourite drink – was the inspiration behind this juice. You’ll smell a cocktail of notes famous for their pairing with the spirit including juniper and cucumber – alongside a heart of rose and sandalwood and musk that evokes gin’s distinctive musky dryness.

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Kilian  perfume bottle

Graff: Lesedi La Rona VI

This opening gambit for fine-jewellery house Graff is as brilliant and refined as the fares for which it is traditionally known. The name pays homage to the world-famous Lesedi La Rona gem, and amid rich Oriental gourmand notes, citrus sparkles like diamonds.

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Graff  perfume bottle

Ex Nihilo

Created exclusively for Harrods, Ex Nihilo’s oriental gourmand sits in the same family as Brompton Immortals and Golden Wanderers but is sweeter and a homage, perfumer Jordi Fernández says, to London’s new vanguard. Pink pepper and saffron give it a spicy edge and the sweetness comes from vanilla, caramel and tonka bean. It’s like stepping straight into the Roastery & Bake Hall.

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Ex Nihilo  perfume bottle

TOM FORD: London

A slice of London at home in the heart of Knightsbridge, TOM FORD is part of the niche perfume crowd drawing upon the rich heritage and elegance of the city to create this scent. Woods including agarwood, cedar and Noble oud wood (a TOM FORD signature) alongside tonkin musk and coffee make it akin to setting foot into an old library or historic museum.

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Tom Ford perfume bottle

Guerlain: Royal Extract II

Two brand signatures: the Guerlain bee and the Harrods green unite for this one-of-a-kind scent. The fresh scent smells as green as its label, and, thanks to the quality of the vetiver and hyacinth, it’s both comforting and soft, before pink pepper delivers a spicy finish.

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Guerlain perfume bottle

Xerjoff: 17/17 Lunosa

24-karat gold plates, hand chiselled in Tuscany, encase the bottle of this exclusive creation. A modern icon of the Salon de Parfums, this niche pure perfume is an intriguing combination of tuberose and oud – a pairing never before seen in a Xerjoff fragrance – evocative of moonlit gardens and its flowers blooming at night.

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Xerjoff perfume bottle

Bond No. 9: My New York

New York-based perfume house Bond No. 9 has created niche perfumes for many neighbourhoods in the city, but the latest scent celebrates the entire city. There’s ginger and pink pepper for vibrancy, and cashmeran and sandalwood for a warm, grounding base – plus rose, perhaps one of the most universally-loved notes, that rounds it into a familiar-smelling friend.

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Bond No. 9 perfume bottle
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