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12 Niche Fragrances To Know

Looking for a niche perfume? Allow us to introduce you to twelve of our current fragrance wonders, all of which can be found in our iconic Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor. Within its boutiques you'll discover myriad niche fragrances, housed within extraordinary flacons and created with some of the rarest ingredients in perfumery. They’re so niche, in fact, many can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 

But this isn't where your niche perfume paradise ends, while these scents may be the elite, you'll find niche fragrances aplenty in our Beauty Halls and at – all made with interesting ingredients, unique blends and clever touches – from some of the best noses in the business.

Henry Jacques, Royal Dream

A bottle and scent both steeped in grandeur, this niche perfume is perfect for any fragrance lover. The famed French perfumer created his house in 1975, and made up of only premium natural essences; the brand prides itself on luxurious ingredients to make the most exquisite blends. Royal Dream is a niche perfume that carries an all-immersive floral paradise that includes damask rose, geranium and gardenia, wrapped in a soothing velvet blend of amber and sandalwood. 

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Hand holding Xerjoff perfume bottle

Aqualis, Blom

‘Blom,’ meaning flower in Afrikaans, is a fitting word for this niche  floral sensation. Once spritzed, the shimmering wave of fresh flowers hit the skin, magnifying gardenia rose and neroli. While this niche fragrance may draw inspiration from a floral bouquet, don’t be put off as the perfume has warm and grounding notes of vanilla, cashmere and musk for an exciting floral twist.  

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Hand holding Aqualis perfume bottle

Killian, L’heure Vert

If you like scents influenced by a destination, or you love when scent draws you back to a fond memory, then you’ll adore Killian’s L’heure Vert. While many fall for more popular scents such as Angel Share, this niche fragrance is one to have on your radar. Awakening the city of Paris in a spritz, it marries the budding destination with the allure of happy hour once the week is complete. The notes blended to create this vision? Absinthe, violet leaf and patchouli for a liquor olfactory that is both indulgent and sweet. 

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Hand holding Killian perfume bottle

Guerlain, Pamplelune

When legendary perfumer Thierry Wasser describes perfume as “an imaginary citrus garden dominated by grapefruit,” expect a sharp and zesty aroma. Sweetened with blackcurrant, this perfume is unique. Better yet, it's completely refillable, you can top up on your favourite scent time and time again while holding onto the beautiful beehive design that Guerlain is known for. 

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Hand holding Guerlain perfume bottle

Widian, London

One of two parts of the Sapphire collection, London encapsulates the sophistication and harmony of the bustling city. Bringing together two different worlds both English heritage with the city's modernity, the perfume is perfume is both sweet and leathery. And if you’re an avid fan of English tea, this niche fragrance blend captures oud wood, lily of the valley, raspberries, and sweet vanilla that replicates a freshly brewed tea. 

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Hand holding Widian perfume bottle

Penhaligon’s, Halfeti Cedar

The definition of an escapist scent, this fragrance is reminiscent of the unexplored Halfeti hills. Imagine dried fruits, spices, a cedar loft canopy, and a river of rum; this heavy yet indulgent scent is just that. A cult scent for a reason, this niche perfume lingers on the skin for days with light wafts that others can’t help but compliment. 


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Hand holding Henry Jacques perfume bottle

Floraiku, Sleeping on the roof.

A Harrods exclusive, Sleeping on the Roof is fit for any celebration and is a standalone scent that doesn't need to be mixed or layered. One to try on its own, the floral and musky scent charmingly ignites lily of the valley, orange blossom, and amber musk. 

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Hand holding Floraiku perfume bottle

Edeniste, Vetiver Imaginaire

Edeniste prides itself as a fine, wellness fragrance. Working with ingredients stimulating the brain’s emotional state, its scents thrive in true complexity. Niche in its field, Vetiver Imaginaire is everything you would want in a perfume; Light, floral, packed with zest. Scientifically proven to relieve tension, this woody anchor is an editor’s favourite. 

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Hand holding Edeniste perfume bottle

Lilanur, Rose Attar

Centred around rose centifolia grown in India, Lilanur Rose Attar celebrates century-old traditions of oils used to scent the body and enrich the soul. This perfume undergoes a unique process that taks over 100 days for the purity and intensity of the ingredient, resulting in a sweet, floral accord that's both precious and personal.

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Hand holding Lilanur perfume bottle

Goldfields & banks, sunset hour

A cocktail of citrus, spice and florals made up of mandarin, raspberry, ginger, pink pepper and sandalwood; it is a scent that’ll take you away to a warmer climate in one spritz. And don't say we didn't warn you, this fruity haven is good enough to eat. 

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Hand holding Goldfields & banks perfume bottle

Xerjoff, Homme

The first perfume to ever be created for the stone collection, Homme is inspired by the minerals and precious stones displayed in the Natural History Museum in London. With a sublime exterior capped with an iconic lid, the niche scent is a warm, leather-infused fragrance perfect for any collection. Comprising of citrus top notes blended with bergamot, lavender and a base scent of leather, it's a perfume you'll return to time and time again.

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Hand holding Xerjoff perfume bottle

Roja Dove Semi Bespoke, NO3

Master perfumer Roja Dove describes this perfume as a “very fresh Chypré which tricks you; it is unbridled sexuality in a bottle” . In one spritz, watch cardamom, cinnamon, oakmoss, lemon, and vetiver harmonise into a citrusy and spicy blend. But what makes this bespoke blend truly a niche fragrance is that only 50 are created per year for creation, making it both an exclusive and luxurious experience to embark on. 

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Hand holding Roja perfume bottle
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