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12 Niche Fragrances To Know

Looking for a niche perfume? Allow us to introduce you to twelve of our current fragrance wonders, all of which can be found in our iconic Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor. Within its boutiques you'll discover myriad niche fragrances, housed within extraordinary flacons and created with some of the rarest ingredients in perfumery. They’re so niche, in fact, many can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 

But this isn't where your niche perfume paradise ends, while these scents may be the elite, you'll find niche fragrances aplenty in our Beauty Halls and at – all made with interesting ingredients, unique blends and clever touches – from some of the best noses in the business.

Elegantes, Rose Musk Elusive

The elegant bottle alone is a work of art. Which is no surprise considering the brand co-founder Dagmar Smit takes inspiration from a glass factory she worked for during teenage summers. The impressive crystal flacon is made by a specialist crystallerie called Waltersperger in Normandy, which has been operating for over 100 years. And, as you’d expect, the juices inside the bottle are just as exquisite. Prepare for a symphony of lily-of-the-valley and vanilla bean extract blended with Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, while warmed with amber wood, cinnamon and spice. 

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Elegantes perfume bottle

Initio Parfums Privés, Oud for Greatness

The magic of oud bottled – this scent is deep, warm, and sensual. It’s made using a fine agarwood oil (one of world's most expensive ingredients due to its rarity) that offers an intense, leathery aroma.  It’s a complex perfume, and the initial deepness is brightened by fresh lavender and peppered with spicy nutmeg. Finished with precious saffron, the spray has an impressively rich, opulent quality. 

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Initio Parfums Privés, Oud for Greatness perfume bottle

Thameen, Sparkling Opal

Prepare for an olfactory experience harmonising honey-like saffron, floral jasmine and warming sandalwood, brought together by earthy forest scents. It’s a particularly spicy scent, peppered with ingredients you’d find in a gingerbread biscuit, think delicious nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. The bottle itself is just as special – the emerald hue is inspired by green opals, which symbolises health and abundance. Blend together the gemstone flacon and the seasoning inside, and you’ve got an impressively grand but comforting fragrance. 

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Thameen, Sparkling Opal  perfume bottle

Montale Paris, Arabians Tonka

One of our most top-rated perfumes has to be Arabians Tonka. With a five-star rating one customer stated the scent as being, “my go-to perfume. It lasts forever and the smell is so unique.” The niche aroma is inspired by founder Pierre Montale’s time spent creating perfumes for the Saudi Royal family. It’s fiery and bold, and opens with bright bergamot fused with rich oud, tonka bean, musk and rare saffron. 

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Montale Paris perfume bottle

Bond No.9, NoMad

An ode to NoMad – which is also known as Madison Square North in New York City – this scent celebrates the familiar allure of the famed neighbourhood. The district is known for its New York Comedy Club, antique galleries and one of the city’s largest collections of weekend flea markets. The location promises history, glamour and grit – much like this exclusive perfume, which has oud intermingled with hints of creamy pear, fresh blackcurrant and lingering sandalwood. Like a true New Yorker, it has serious staying power.  

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Bond no.9 perfume bottle

Ex Nihilo, Brompton Immortals

If you’re forever mesmerised by Harrods’ showstopping green doors, you’ll be equally transfixed by Brompton Immortals. Created by perfumer Jordi Fernandez as a tribute to our Knightsbridge store, the perfume gets its name from its second inspiration – the Egyptian legend of immortality. And this scent is certainly unforgettable – it opens with warming notes of saffron and white musk, punctuated by pink pepper and Bulgarian rose, and sweetened with Madagascan vanilla.  

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Ex Nihilo perfume bottle

Roja Parfums, Taif Oud

Have you tried Roja Parfums’ exceptional scents? The house is an independent British perfumery brand that creates rich fragrances using luxury ingredients to tell captivating stories. Taif Aoud is no exception, and was created as a celebration of Saudi Arabian summers. Indeed, it replicates the feeling of the sun on your skin with a warming base of frankincense, patchouli and vanilla, plus cassis and clove buds. A few seconds after your first spritz, sparkling aldehydes kick in to create the feeling of a cooling mountain breeze.  

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Roja  perfume bottle

Alexander J, Imperial Peacock

Fragrance or l’objet d’art? This intricately engraved bottle is nothing short of a masterpiece. The design celebrates the peacock, which is known as a symbol for power, strength, confidence, and even divinity. The scent inside the French brand’s bottle is equally flamboyant, filling your senses with sweet notes of almond, cinnamon, vanilla and even sugar for a syrupy aroma like no other.  

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Alexander J perfume bottle

Maison Crivelli, Hibiscus Mahajád

Who would have thought your favourite hibiscus tea would also make a wonderful scent? Maison Crivelli founder Thibaud Crivelli is famed for his ability to transform memories into unique, niche scents – and Hibiscus Mahajád is infused with the very flower that flavours your tea with tart, cranberry-like taste. Inspired by a hibiscus tea that Thibaud himself tasted in a gemstone market, this marvel is sharp and sweet, with notes of vanilla, damask rose, cinnamon and musk. Spray it onto skin and wait for 20 seconds for it to settle to experience the true aroma – it will last all day.  

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Maison Crivelli Hibiscus perfume bottle

Stephanie Humbert Lucas, God of Fire

If you’re into punchy, spicy, fiery scents, then look no further than Stephane Humbert Lucas’ God of Fire eau de parfum. Inspired by the God of Fire, known to be the creator of all life in Aztec mythology, this powerful, warming scent has a great depth of oud and amber at the heart. Punching through the woodiness, you’ll notice a confident contrast of zingy mango, lemon and ginger. If you’re drawn to statement scents, this unique blend is sure to catch your attention.  

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Stephanie  perfume bottle

Xerjoff, Erba Pura

Searching for your next spring/summer scent? Erba Pura translates to ‘pure grass’ in Italian, and brings a fresh, invigorating aroma reminiscent of early spring mornings. Founded in 2007, the brand is known for its strong Italian identity – and this perfume is no exception. Its heritage is immediately evident with opening notes of Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot, softened with musk, amber and vanilla. It’s warm, it’s bright, and it will bring you a sunshine dose with every spritz.  

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Xerjoff perfume bottle

Thomas Kosmala, Après L'Amour No.4

You know a scent is special when the nose behind it is the brand founder, and Après L'Amour No.4 offers a woody, aromatic aroma inspired by romance. In French, Après L'Amour No.4, means ‘after love’ and the sensual aroma smells of musk and amber, dappled with bitter orange and lemon zest, and warmed with aromatic spices. Spritz yours before evening soirées, you’re sure to be noticed.  

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Thomas Kosmala perfume bottle
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