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Celebrate Easter with Harrods – Discover

Celebrate Easter with Harrods – Discover

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The Best Men’s Coats for Autumn and Winter


As the chillier months unfold, a host of opportunities to flex our outerwear emerges. From brisk city walks to rustic weekends away, every occasion demands its own style of coat. One day, it’s the trench, the next it’s the puffer. The only constant? Deft design. A practicality and an aesthetic tool, a strong piece does both. Meet this season’s compulsory coats.

The Puffer Jacket

Between the down coat and puffer jacket, there is little material difference. Semantics aside, the styles occupy common ground in their abilities to insulate and keep the wearer cosy. Protecting against winter’s icy reception while playing with silhouette, the likes of Rick Owens and 1017 Alyx 9SM offer an oversized take on the classic, while specialist brands such as Canada Goose follow a tried-and-tested formula. Across the board, down and alternative fills are key, and it is here that names like Moncler shine thanks to tricks of the trade including its signature, horizontal ‘Boudin’ quilting. 

A model wearing a camel coat on the beach
A model wearing a camel coat on the beach - video
Moncler Cardere Puffer Jacket primary image


Cardere Puffer Jacket

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The Overcoat

A perfect pairing for both tailored suits and casual attire, the overcoat is defined by fit. The consensus: it should be roomy enough for a blazer, sweatshirt or denim jacket underneath. As the name suggests, overcoats are to be worn over your ensemble. While traditionalists might opt for a longline silhouette, shorter cuts above the knee are just as popular these days. From check classics à la Corneliani to Loewe’s LED-embroidered designs, the style’s iterations are many. One established offshoot is the camel coat. Originally fabricated with camel hair, it’s now more common to find it in fine wool, cashmere and other blends. Its point of distinction? A dusty hue and dapper cut, exemplified to great success at Gucci and Sandro.

The Trench Coat

Timeless, waterproof and sophisticated, the trench coat remains an emblem of great British design after more than a century in the game. First purposed for military personnel, it’s become a canvas for designers to showcase their vision, cropping up at both emerging and established brands from Kassl Editions to Polo Ralph Lauren. Often primed with vents and a belt, the tailored design is the bread and butter of Burberry, whose title as an early pioneer is well known. Gabardine fabric? You can thank Thomas Burberry for that.

Introducing: The Statement Coat

You know a statement coat when you see it. While it’s not an official style per se, it’s certainly a thing. Consider Daniel W. Fletcher's cropped chequerboard dufflecoat, or Givenchy's architectural, oversized parka in satin-finish chocolate brown. Between them, there is no common thread bar the guarantee of double takes. They’re luxurious, hard-to-miss and a surefire conversation starter. Perhaps, that’s how you define it.

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