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Be the first to experience the Dining Hall, London’s newest late-night destination – Book Now

Be the first to experience the Dining Hall, London’s newest late-night destination – Book Now

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Uphold the highest standards with the products available at Harrods.

As a leading name in global luxury, we are committed to increasing transparency and promoting best practice across our own-brand supply chain. At Harrods, we are focused on promoting ethical trade and responsible sourcing by ensuring that the workers within our supply chain are respected and protected and that the products we source are made with responsibly sourced materials, while also working with our brand partners to promote best practice across theirs.

What We’re Doing


  • In 2020, we became members of Sedex, a platform for sharing responsible supply-chain data, and started the supplier onboarding process by inviting all own-label suppliers to join Sedex. Sedex allows us to increase transparency and accountability across our supply chain. We are half way through the onboarding process for all other brand partners and will give an update on progress at the end of 2022. 

  • Across the Harrods own-label food supply chain, we introduced responsible-sourcing policies for fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, tea, palm oil, cocoa and animal welfare. We have also introduced sustainability scorecards, used by our teams to ensure suppliers are upholding best practices in sourcing standards for food.


Where We’re Going

  • We plan to further embed our supplier transparency programme across the Harrods supply chain and will extend invitations to use partners such as Sedex to all brand partners by the end of 2022. In addition to Sedex, we are also working with a number of leading consultancies to make sure we have responsible practices throughout our supply chain.
  • To ensure all products comply with the highest standards and certifications for sourcing, we are developing our Supplier Code of Conduct and Material Sourcing Policy. This will outline sourcing requirements for all brands, and support our ambitions to increase the number of sustainably sourced products across our Harrods supply chain, as well as celebrate products that uphold strong sustainability and ethical credentials.
  • We are currently reviewing all of the products, ingredients and materials that make up our own-label ranges with a view to minimise the environmental and social impact and create circular business models. We are also working with our brand partners to do the same.

  • We intend for all own-label packaging to be recyclable, reusable, or contain 30-100% recycled content by 2025.
Food Sourcing
Food Sourcing


Our Food Halls and restaurants serve some of the most exceptional food in the UK, much of which is created and prepared on-site. Given the scale of this production, setting standards for sourcing is important to us. We are working on increasing supply-chain transparency, ensuring that all products comply with the highest standards. Across our own label, we have introduced sourcing policies for fruit and vegetables, animal welfare, fish, palm oil, cocoa and tea.

Our Partners