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With seasonality at the heart of the Fresh Market Hall, the very same fresh produce found at each counter is used by the 150 in-house chefs in the making of the Harrods Deli range. "We have access to some of the best ingredients in the world," explains Executive Head Chef, Andy Cook "so we've been able to create some really exciting dishes." And covering off all take-home bases, the much-loved Harrods Rotisserie returns, and new partnerships with Pasta Evangelists and Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhati make for the ultimate evening in.

  • Chef's Table

    Meet Executive Head Chef Andy Cook (right) and Head Chef Andy Ward (left). With lessons learned from Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing, they are now reviving the Harrods Deli range. Along with the store’s 150 in-house chefs, they create daily seasonal dishes, from quick bites to dinner-party essentials to cook at home.

  • Head Chefs at Harrods
  • Cooking at the Deli
  • "Our new range will include recipes that highlight seasonality, but there is also evidence of the research that we've done around the world."
    Andy Ward, Head Chef

The Rotisserie

Mindful farming and expert preparation ensure the enticing golden chickens at the Harrods Rotisserie are unrivalled in quality and taste. The slow-grown birds are fed a diet rich in maize and omega-3, giving the tenderest meat and a rich, deep flavour. Marinated for 24 hours, and then cooked, the chicken is given one last brush of Harrods’ signature garlic butter before being served – and can be enjoyed at The Rotisserie in the Food Halls or in one of the Harrods Deli’s many chef-prepared meals.

  • Rotisserie Chicken Getty
  • "The slow-grown birds are fed a diet rich in maize and omega-3, giving the tenderest meat and a rich, deep flavour."
  • Pasta Evangelists

    When British-Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Savelli was considering a new venture in 2017, he looked to his roots. "When I first moved to London from Genoa, what I missed most was the taste of fresh, artisanal Italian pasta," he says. "I wanted to bring that, as well as lesser-known regional Italian recipes, to the UK." Now served in-store by one its pasta artisans, Pasta Evangelists creates dishes that comprise homemade pasta, an accompanying sauce, and extras – such as herbed butter and grated parmesan – that can be taken home and, with minimal cooking, are ready to eat in less than five minutes.

  • Pasta Evangelists Dishes
  • Pasta Preparation
  • "The best pasta is freshly made by Italian hands!"
    Alessandro Savelli, Pasta Evangelists Founder

Kama by Vineet Bhatia

Originally hailing from India, but now a self-proclaimed Chelsea boy, Vineet Bhatia is often heralded as the man responsible for raising the bar when it came to Indian cuisine on the London restaurant scene. Today, Bhatia has restaurants in Geneva, India, Mauritius and the Middle East, and his Kama range – a collection of dishes that champions the flavours of India alongside locally sourced British produce – is available in the Fresh Market Hall.

  • Kama by Vineet Batia - Vegetables
  • "My Kama range will offer Indian dishes that are well-crafted, light and healthy."
    Vineet Bhatia
  • Kame by Vineet Batia - Soup